Supreme Court Delivers Blow to Gun-Grabbers, Rules ATF Cannot Ban Bump Stocks – The Great Clarence Thomas Authors Opinion as Leftists Seethe

In a loss for the Biden regime and big win for 2nd Amendment right advocates, the Supreme Court on Friday crushed a federal ban on bump stocks.

The Court ruled in the case of Garland vs. Cargill that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) exceeded its constitutional authority in creating the regulation. The vote was 6-3, with the six conservatives joining the majority and the three leftists in dissent.

To add insult to injury for liberals, the opinion was offered by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. He said that accessory does not mean that a firearm equipped with it meets the “machine gun” definition under federal law.

“This case asks whether a bump stock — an accessory for a semiautomatic rifle that allows the shooter to rapidly reengage the trigger (and therefore achieve a high rate of fire) — converts the rifle into a ‘machinegun.’ We hold that it does not,” the great Thomas wrote.

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Justice Sonia “Wise Latina” Sotomayor was quite displeased and authored an angry dissent.

“When I see a bird that walks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck,” she whined. NBC News reports that Sotomayor was so triggered that she took the rare step of reading a summary of her dissent in court.

But if you thought Sotomayor was mad, the reaction from liberals on Twitter made her response look tame.

I wonder how much Clarence Thomas was compensated on the side for the bump stock decision….or was that just a bonus for the right wingers?

— All Out Of Bubblegum (@BubblegumOut) June 14, 2024

Make no mistake, lovelies, SCOTUS ( Thomas wrote it) legalizing bump stocks again is no coincidence.
They want the violence.#VoteBlueToSaveDemocracy

— lee sellars (@sellars333) June 14, 2024

What a fuc#n dumb ass Judge. Machine guns have triggers. Clarence Thomas writes Supreme Court law overturning Trump’s bump stock ban – Raw Story

— Carlito (@CarlitoCutesail) June 14, 2024

Extreme court overturn bump stock fans. Thomas wrote the 6-3 decision. I have a suggestion about what to do with those bump stocks but will keep it to myself as I don’t want a visit from the FBI. But Jesus Fucking Christ.

— Nicole Sandler (@nicolesandler) June 14, 2024

WTF? I smell the NRA! Thomas and his pathetic statement is troubling! It is my understanding bump stocks turn a gun into a machine gun. Sotomayer said, “bump-stock-equipped semiautomatic rifle fires automatically more than one shot;” that sounds much like a machine gun to me too

— Monica—TimeToVoteBlue! (@Monica80213924) June 14, 2024

As Gateway Pundit readers may know, bump stocks are gun stocks that are generally used to assist in bump firing. The “bump stock” replaces a rifle’s standard stock, which is the part held against the shooter’s shoulder. This frees the weapon to slide back and forth quickly.

The federal government felt compelled to act to outlaw the procedure following the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting.

NBC News notes the lawsuit was brought by Texas-based gun owner Michael Cargill. He is a licensed dealer who owned two bump stocks before the ban went into effect in December 2018 and later surrendered them to the government.

Biden’s Department of Injustice took up the case after Joe Biden assumed power in 2021 as part of their effort to crush the constitutional right of law-abiding Americans.

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