New York City Chaos: Hamas Supporters Block Three Bridges and Holland Tunnel (Video)

Hamas supporters blocked three New York City bridges– the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge–and the Holland Tunnel Monday morning. The disruption to the morning commute is a ratcheting up of communist revolutionary tactics to sow chaos in the daily life of Americans to wear them down and break their resistance using the Palestinian cause as a tactic. Three-and-half years ago communist revolutionaries used the death of George Floyd to similarly sow chaos in the U.S and advance their revolution.

Hamas supporters block the Holland Tunnel during morning commute in New York City, January 8, 2024, screen image via Palestinian Youth Movement, X Twitter.

The organizer of the blockades, the Palestinian Youth Movement, issued a a press release stating their demands which include the dissolution of Israel (“an end to Zionism is the precondition for peace in Palestine.”)

Video posted by the Palestinian Youth Movement shows a police line set up behind the protesters at the Holland Tunnel:

BREAKING Palestine protestors take over the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge, and Holland Tunnel to demand an end to the ongoing American-funded, American-led genocide of the Palestinian people in #Gaza

— Palestinian Youth Movement (@palyouthmvmt) January 8, 2024

Images of the four locations:

HAPPENING NOW: Pro-Palestine supporters are taking simultaneous direct action across New York City.

Supporters are forming human chains in front of the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan bridge, and Holland Tunnel.

— BreakThrough News (@BTnewsroom) January 8, 2024



— Writers Against the War on Gaza (@wawog_now) January 8, 2024

Communists marching on Wall Street:

BREAKING: Massive crowd in NYC marches on Wall Street to demand an end to US funding for Israel’s genocide #ShutItDown4Palestine

— ANSWER Coalition (@answercoalition) January 8, 2024

Communists blocking the entrance to the New York Stock Exchange:

HAPPENING NOW: Pro-Palestine protesters block entrance to the New York Stock Exchange.

— BreakThrough News (@BTnewsroom) January 8, 2024

Police eventually made arrests at the Brooklyn Bridge and reopened the roadway, reported Noah Hurowitz:

Traffic is now flowing freely over the Brooklyn Bridge an hour and a pro-Palestine protesters shut it down to demand a ceasefire in Gaza.

Protests continue at the Manhattan Bridge, WBurg Bridge, and Holland Tunnel

That’s it from me, folks!

— Noah Hurowitz (@NoahHurowitz) January 8, 2024

The organizer boasted about the success of the blockades and posted a press release:

Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, Holland Tunnel, and Williamsburg Bridge were all SHUT DOWN by a coalition of organizers, bringing New York City traffic to a halt.

The People demand a ceasefire now, an end to US “aid” to Israel, and an immediate lifting of the siege on Gaza!

— Palestinian Youth Movement (@palyouthmvmt) January 8, 2024

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Lower Manhattan Bridges and Tunnel Shut Down by Anti-Zionist, Pro-Palestine Organizers

— Palestinian Youth Movement (@palyouthmvmt) January 8, 2024

Excerpt from the Palestinian Youth Movement press release list of their five demands:

The protesters sought to amplify the demands of the Palestinian Youth Movement, which are as follows:

1. An Immediate and Permanent Ceasefire

2. Lift the Siege on Gaza Now
A ceasefire must be paired with the immediate end of the genocidal 17-year blockade of Gaza, in
order to allow Palestinians unimpeded access to food, medicine, fuel, building supplies, and other
economic and humanitarian goods.

3. Free All Palestinian Prisoners
Palestinians are routinely held in Zionist prisons without charge or trial—when they are charged,
the conviction rate of the Zionist kangaroo courts are close to 100%. Prisoners face torture,
collective punishment, and the denial of medical care and family visits. The courts of a colonial
occupier are illegitimate—all Palestinian prisoners are political prisoners, and they must all be

4. End the Occupation
The Zionist movement to colonize Palestine and displace its inhabitants is over a century old—and
still in a phase of active settlement expansion. An end to military occupation and an end to Zionism
is the precondition for peace in Palestine.

5. End U.S. Aid to “Israel”
Each year, the U.S. sends billions of dollars in military aid to arm “Israel” and provides diplomatic
cover for its ongoing genocide against Palestinians. Zionism depends on the constant influx of
money and aid from the Western governments. Ending the violence means ending Western
complicity—once and for all.

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