War Veteran Sam Brown Sets Fundraising Record in Bid to Flip Nevada Senate Seat

Republican Sam Brown, an Afghanistan war veteran and retired U.S. Army Captain,  is running for Senate in Nevada. If Brown succeeds in the primary, he will likely face incumbent Democrat Sen. Jacky Rosen and could flip a crucial Senate seat.

According to Fox News,  the Purple Heart recipient’s message is resonating with Nevadans. Brown set a new fundraising record, raising a massive $1.85 million in the fourth quarter of last year, more than any challenger to an incumbent running for re-election in Nevada history.

Combined with his third-quarter fundraising, his campaign brought in $3.04 million.

Brown told Fox News:

“I’m extremely grateful that tens of thousands of everyday Americans have dug deep and contributed to this campaign,” Brown told Fox News Digital. “Every day, as we travel throughout Nevada and speak with voters, I’m reminded of why this race is so critical to the future of our state.”

“Through their reckless policies, Jacky Rosen and Joe Biden have made the American Dream unattainable for most Nevadans and left our borders wide open to drugs and violence,” he said. “Our grassroots campaign is about ending Joe Biden and Jacky Rosen’s American Nightmare, securing our borders, and restoring prosperity.”


“Under Joe Biden and Jacky Rosen, Nevada has struggled with the highest unemployment rate in the country, the highest energy costs, and some of the worst performing schools in America. Nevadans want hope for a better future, and Sam Brown’s People’s Agenda will deliver the solutions we need to recover and thrive,” Brown’s campaign manager, Faith Jones, told Fox.

Far-left Jacky Rosen defeated Dean Heller in the 2018 mid-term elections.

Rosen recently celebrated the election of a self-proclaimed socialist to Nevada’s largest county commission.

Nothing to see here….just a U.S. Senator openly congratulating a self-proclaimed socialist for taking charge of Nevada’s largest county commission.

Reminder: Jacky Rosen is up for re-election this year. https://t.co/v2vgWmfoKn pic.twitter.com/XrZBgRu92S

— Courtney Holland (@hollandcourtney) January 3, 2024

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