DEVELOPING: US and UK Strike Dozens of Houthi Military targets in Yemen

US and UK carry out airstrikes against Houthis in Yemen.

CNN reported:

“The US military has launched strikes against multiple Houthi targets in Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen, a US official told CNN. The strikes are from fighter jets and Tomahawk missiles.

The strikes are a sign of the growing international alarm over the threat to one of the world’s most critical waterways.

For weeks, the US had sought to avoid direct strikes on Yemen because of the risk of escalation in a region already simmering with tension, but the ongoing Houthi attacks on international shipping compelled the coalition to act.”

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BREAKING: US and UK Attack Iran-Backed Houthi Positions in Yemen

Iran Observer: Houthis warned Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE ‘If you open your airspace to the US and the UK then you are officially at war with us’

Regional media reported that aircraft entered Yemeni airspace from the north – Saudi Arabian airspace, apparently.

Islamic resistance in Iraq immediately vows to attack US bases ‘with everything they got’.

So far, explosions have been recorded in the capital Sanaa, as well as Hodeidah, Taiz and Saada.

More than a dozen targets , ranging from training centers to storage facilities for drones.

Some as of yet unverified sources claim Yemen begins launching ballistic missiles.

JUST NOW USA & UK military are currently conducting airstrikes against Houthi targets in Yemen, w/ numerous large explosions being reported #USAF #RishiSunak #UK #Yemen #Houthis #RedSea

— A Deniz Ekşioğlu (@_AD_CHANEL6) January 11, 2024

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