FIREWORKS! Trump Unexpectedly Takes Over NYC Courtroom, GOES OFF on Judge Engoron, Letitia James

President Trump on Thursday morning appeared in court for closing arguments in Letitia James civil fraud case.

Radical Marxist New York Attorney General Letitia James is now seeking $370 million in ‘damages’ when there is no victim in this fraud case and she is also seeking to ban Trump and his sons from operating any businesses in New York. She accused Trump of inflating his assets and defrauding lenders and insurance companies.

James originally sought $250 million in damages from Trump.

In addition to increasing the amount of ‘damages’ she wants Trump to pay, Letitia James is seeking a lifetime ban for him from the real estate industry.

In November a Deutsche Bank executive who worked to approve at least one of Trump’s loans testified that it is “atypical, but not entirely unusual” to reduce a client’s asset values and still approve a loan.

This type of lending is typical in high net-worth, high-profile clients like Donald Trump. Anyone with basic knowledge of banking, lending, portfolio and credit risk management knows this.

Trump called the prosecution “election interference at the highest level.”

“It’s coordination with the White House and Joe Biden,” Trump said outside the Manhattan courthouse before he entered the court for closing arguments.

The defense went first with two hours of closing arguments then state attorney general officials will give their closing arguments this afternoon.

Trump, flanked by his attorneys Alina Habba and Chris Kise, stared down the judge as his legal counsel prepared to deliver closing arguments.

President Trump wasn’t supposed to deliver a closing statement in his own defense after Judge Engoron rescinded permission.

However, Trump took over the courtroom and unloaded on Judge Engoron and Letitia James.

Trump told Engoron that he’s the victim of fraud before accusing the judge of “having his own agenda.”

The judge interrupted Trump and told his lawyer Chris Kise to “control your client.”

Excerpt on Trump’s courtroom rant from CBS News:

“Well, I think, your honor, that this case goes outside just the facts. The financial statements were perfect, the banks got back their money and are happy as can be,” Trump said.

“When you say don’t go outside of these things, we have a situation where I’m an innocent man, I’ve been persecuted by someone running for office and I think you have to go outside the bounds,” Trump said, referring to James.

He said the attorney general had misused a statute designed to target consumer fraud.

“This is a fraud on me. What’s happened here, sir, is a fraud on me,” Trump said, before adding that the state should be forced to pay him damages as punishment for pursuing the case.

Trump said he “never had a problem” before running for office and directed his ire toward the judge.

“You have your own agenda, you can’t listen for more than one minute, this has been a persecution,” he told Engoron, who interrupted and told Kise to “control your client.”

Engoron then continued: “By the way, you said you’ve never had a problem. Haven’t you been sued before?”

Trump demurred. “Your honor, look, I did nothing wrong. They should pay me for what we had to go through,” he said.

More on this story from Fox News:

Fox Report — Trump took over Judge Engoron’s NYC courtroom and unexpectedly spoke:

“He started speaking in his own defense. That he is the victim of fraud. That he should be paid damages.”

Trump also went over his 1 min warning when told to wrap things up.

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