Sharika Soal: Genocide And Terroism; The Black Community Continues To Be A Danger To Their Community And Others


I am coming to you once again to tell America no amount of feeling bad for my race justifies the way black males kill other races and each other.

No amount of “good black men” justifies the number of black children adopted by white people in a country where black people are terrorizing whites and other races for existing. I need this point to be deeply considered. I am adopted, and it is the most bizarre thing in my entire life that a race abandons black children, beats them, and abuses them, then expects those children to become adults and tells the world how amazing the community is.

A horde of blacks mob assault a White man. He was extremely lucky to get up and walk away.

Is it time to cordone of major cities yet?

— Bellona (@RomanGoddess72) January 5, 2024

Why is this happening? I thought being a good person was the goal. MLK never told anyone to attack white teenagers or lone white strangers to get us our equal rights. He also never told black men to hurt women who disagreed with them.

Where is the accountability? They claim Trump is a criminal while ignoring the daily mugshots of black thugs who are committing crimes against children in their communities.

This will now be a thread that tracks Pedos in the Black community

Man accused of raping, impregnating 11-year-old child

— Sharika Soal (@SharikaSoal84) January 12, 2023

My child and I have been directly affected by the violence in the black community—specifically the males.

In November 2022, I released a video on my TikTok account titled “Dear Black Men,” where I directly addressed individuals who sat in my comment section and were making threats towards me due to my support of Donald Trump and biracial children.

You read that correctly. Black men were sitting on TikTok, threatening a black woman for having a biracial child and supporting conservative policies.

This man threatened to kill me and my son. He knows my address and posted it

Stop telling me to be chill.

You have no idea how much patience I exhibit

— Sharika Soal (@SharikaSoal84) January 4, 2024

Literally threatening to kill me. I’ve had tweets like sent to me for 10 months now

— Sharika Soal (@SharikaSoal84) June 18, 2023

Death threats from black men have now become my new regular. There are so many threats putting them all in one article would be overwhelming to the reader. The unacceptable part in this for me is that what is happening has terrified my child, who has witnessed law enforcement entering my home to take reports.

Now my child knows how dangerous the black male can be to his safety and sadly can see the same threat that I have been writing about for years. Do you think these black men understand the fear they put into my child? Is that how black men support the community? Threatening to kill children because their mother is a black conservative.

This ‍ man says he’s planning a mass shooting on women. Twitter support is letting the acct stay up @elonmusk @TwitterSupport

— Sharika Soal (@SharikaSoal84) March 14, 2023

What do you call a group of men who hide behind the veil of the internet and form mobs in an attempt to intimidate black women from supporting conservative policies and speaking the truth about crimes against children? Back in the day, those people were called the KKK. So what will it take for people to say, “Enough is enough?” Should we wait for a rabid thug to carry out his threat and harm my child before people take notice that fighting racism is causing the world to be unsafe for anyone who criticizes the black male?

“She’s so mean to pedophiles and gangbangers in the black community”

— Sharika Soal (@SharikaSoal84) August 7, 2023

This isn’t about me, though. When I tell you the community isn’t safe, I mean just that. It is painfully apparent that the silence is about votes and the upcoming presidential election.

Let black males threaten to kill black women and their children. Let black men rape white women and beat Asians with hammers. It’s all good because if Democrats address it, they will think they are against them, and we can’t have that because 2024 is here. Kamala Harris used to be a cop, and now, suddenly, crime is no big deal.

If you have a culture where anyone can go online and scream they want all white people dead and not get suspended, then why would it be inappropriate to address any race specifically? Congress created race, after all.

— BIPOC Doing Racism (@BIPOCracism) January 9, 2024

The word black is on my ID, and I did not put it there. I never permitted anyone to label me, and one day; it would do some good to be done with labels that do nothing but make it impossible to communicate credible threats in the modern world.

If a child cannot accurately describe the black man who hurt them for fear of being deemed evil, society has a real problem that needs to be addressed now.



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