Eric Adams Considering Curfew for Illegals in NYC Shelters After Claims of Panhandling

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is now considering a curfew for illegal immigrants staying in city shelters after some residents have claimed that people have been leaving the shelters at night to panhandle.

Some NYC residents have said that migrants have actually come to their homes, asking for money, clothes and other things.

It’s so obvious to anyone with an ounce of common sense that this situation is unsustainable.

ABC 7 in New York reports:

New York City considering possible curfew for migrants in shelters

There could soon be a curfew put in place for migrants in New York City shelters.

During a conference call with local lawmakers this week, Councilwoman Joann Ariola of Queens asked if the administration is considering a curfew at its asylum seeker locations like Floyd Bennett Field, Randall’s Island and the Creedmoor Psychiatric Center.

The question comes amid reports that shelter residents have been going out at night and panhandling or knocking on doors to ask for food, money and clothes.

A homeowner in Belle Harbor, Queens, said she has video have a woman and child ringing her doorbell and showing a translation on her phone identifying herself as a migrant in need of money.

Paul King, the president of the Property Owner’s Association, said the neighborhood is now seeing an influx in panhandling.

“Some of it is from people coming up on their porches, using their kids as props, aggressively panhandling, people essentially even coming in the house,” King said.

There is apparently a curfew already in place for homeless people living in NYC shelters, so this is nothing new.

Curfews on our migrant shelters seems like common sense. Our DHS facilities all have mandated curfews, so why don’t the migrant shelters? If it is good enough for our homeless New Yorkers, it should be good enough for our migrants too.

— Joann Ariola NYC Council District 32 (@JoannAriola32) January 12, 2024

The people living in the shelters probably aren’t going to like this but it’s not as though they have much of a choice in the matter.

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