Parents Launch Recall Effort Against Virginia School Board Member Sworn In on Stack of LGBTQ Books (Video)

Fairfax County School Board memberKarl Frisch sworn in on a stack of LGBTQ books.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Fairfax County School Board member Karl Frisch was sworn in for his second term on a stack of controversial LGBTQ books instead of the Bible.

Now, parents have launched a recall effort against Frisch.

Frisch chose five LGBTQ-themed books “most frequently banned by other school systems,” according to his campaign website.

The books included descriptions of pedophilia, including violent child rape.

“He was sworn in on a stack of the five LGBTQ-themed books most frequently banned by other school systems,” Frisch’s campaign website announced. “Currently, the Board’s Vice Chair, Frisch becomes its Chair on January 1. He is the first LGBTQ+ person elected to local office in Virginia’s largest county and one of only four openly LGBTQ+ school board members in the Commonwealth out of roughly 800 members.”

Fairfax County School Board Member, @KarlFrisch, Is Sworn In On A Stack of LGBTQ Themed Books

— Garrett Soldano (@GrassrootArmy) December 14, 2023

National File reports that the coalition of parents is led by Fairfax County mom Stacy Langton, who has spearheaded efforts to flush pedophilia out of public education in the DC suburbs. Langton shared a YouTube video explaining Frisch’s offenses.

In the video, Langton says, “Karl Frisch’s swearing-in on December 13th on a stack of three pornographic books which I’ve exposed in our school libraries is an obvious middle finger to parents in Fairfax County.”

“These books contain explicit illustrations of a man having sex with a boy; oral sex, anal sex, and masturbation. They also contain and describe in graphic detail the rape of a 13-year-old child by an adult male cousin. These depictions of pedophilia are an abomination. Karl has stated repeatedly that he considers these books a benefit to your children.”

“We have laws against pornography in this country in front of minors. If they can’t legally buy it in town or be shown it, it doesn’t magically become okay on a public school campus.”

“Since Karl wants to continue to distribute pornography to minors, he has demonstrated he is unfit to hold office on this school board. I’m announcing a petition to recall him from office.”

“This is the remedy we the parents will use to deal with a lawless school board chair, to enforce the law, and to remove this filth and protect our kids.”


A petition has been launched online for the recall.

Let’s oust Karl Frisch from @fcpsnews School Board. His recent stunt with oath on porn books shows his continued disrespect for high majority of parents and taxpayers in Fairfax County, Virginia!

We cannot let him go unnoticed with a $3+billion dollar blank check and careless…

— Virginia Freedom Leader Coalition (@vafreedomleader) January 12, 2024

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