The Who’s Roger Daltrey Blasts Scientists and Big Pharma: ‘They Don’t Want to Find a Cure for Cancer’

For 24 years, Roger Daltrey, singer for classic British rock band The Who, headed Teenage Cancer Trust’s annual charity shows, weaponizing his star power to assemble some of the greatest musicians in the world to raise money and awareness for the worthy cause.

Known for holding strong and unapologetic opinions, Daltrey is doing the media rounds as he wraps up his quarter of a century on the frontlines combating the terrible disease.

And wouldn’t you know, as he comes to the end of his hugely successful 24-year stewardship, an interview finds him ‘in typically skeptical form’, mincing no words.

Louder reported:

Daltrey – whose sister died from breast cancer aged just 32 – expresses reservations about the scientific establishment’s approach to finding a cure for the disease.

‘I don’t think they’ll ever find a cure for cancer’, says Daltrey. ‘I don’t think they want to find a cure. I’m being cynical here, but scientists look after the science but they also look after themselves.

You do imagine if they did find a cure tomorrow it would be fabulous for the country, but there’d be an awful lot of scientists out of work. You might think I’m being cynical, but I do think that’.”

Daltry dedicated a quarter of a century to fighting teenage Cancer.

Daltrey is well aware that ‘Big Pharma’ has much more to lose than it does to gain by finding a cure.

“’It’s just human nature, isn’t it?’, he says. ‘You’re not going to invent something that’s going to put you out of work’.”

Daltrey also had strong words for the crisis in the UK’s healthcare, and the people gorging on public funds.

NME reported:

“He criticized the hefty salaries of NHS [National Health Services] executives and suggested that this be reduced to help support nurses and improve hospital wards.

‘More than 50 per cent of the NHS budget isn’t spent here on wards’, he said, questioning why those higher up needed ‘£400,000 or £500,000 a year of public money’.

‘I’ll tell you how to pay the nurses more: cut down on executive pay’, he added. ‘That’s my opinion. I’ll get slaughtered for saying it, but you’ve got to be tough. They [the political parties] make the NHS this political football in elections. They’re using us and it needs to stop’.”

The 79-year-old rocker also addressed the situation with his band, The Who.

“The legendary frontman spoke to The Times about the band’s status, stating that ultimately any decision about calling it a day would have to be made alongside Pete Townshend. But for now, it appears he is in no rush to get back on the stage.

‘I don’t write the songs. I never did. We need to sit down and have a meeting, but at the moment I’m happy saying that part of my life is over’, he said.”

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