California Homeless People Found Living in Massive, Filthy Caves 20 Feet Below Ground – Drugs and Weapons Reportedly Discovered (VIDEO)

Credit: KXTV

The homeless crisis in California is so awful that people are undertaking extreme and unusual measures to obtain shelter thanks to the state’s Democrats and Biden’s garbage economy.

As CBS News Sacramento reported Wednesday, multiple filthy homeless caves tucked along the Tuolumne were discovered and cleared out by volunteer groups and the Modesto Police Department last weekend. The caves were found across the street from Crater Avenue, roughly 20 feet below street level and are accessible via makeshift stairs built into the hillside.

The Modesto Police released a statement on Facebook revealing that 7,600 pounds of trash were removed. The area has been ridden with illegal camps for a while.

Over the weekend, the Modesto Police Department collaborated with 9.2.99, a local community volunteer group, to conduct a joint clean-up operation in the vicinity of the Tuloumne River, specifically in the Crater Avenue and Dallas Street area.

This particular area has been plagued by vagrancy and illegal camps, which have raised concerns due to the fact that these camps were actually caves dug into the riverbanks.

During the operation on Saturday, a total of 7,600 lbs of trash, as well as two truckloads and a trailer of garbage, were successfully removed from the area.

Tracy Rojas, who lives near the craters, took a CBS News Sacramento reporter on a precarious walk to see the makeshift homes. She detailed to the reporter just how dangerous the living conditions are.

If one of these were to collapse, it would be devastating. This whole thing would come down and go into the water.


CBS News Sacramento notes one of the caves they went to used to be fully furnished with bedding, food, drugs, and weapons.

Here are some photos obtained by the outlet showing the utter filth these homeless folks have been living in.

Credit: CBS News Sacramento
Credit: CBS News Sacramento
Credit: CBS News Sacramento

Chris Guptill, a coordinator for Operation 9-2-99, told CBS News Sacramento he was puzzled how people got so many items into the caves and was out of ideas on a solution.

We had a hard time figuring out how they got so much stuff down in there, considering how hard it was to get it up the hill and out. We really don’t have a known solution on how to deal with it.

Guptill said his organization cleared out eight caves but he believes the residents will return because he has moved them out before.

Police told CBS News Sacramento Police they are working with local services to remove the homeless people from the caves and into actual housing.

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