Irrefutable Data: January 6ers Face Immense Bias by Washington DC Juries!


Washington DC residents have shown their true colors against Donald Trump and the January 6 defendants. And it ain’t pretty!

NEW polling data being released today from Triton Polling & Research shows an insurmountable bias against the J6ers, the likes of which we have never seen before. The Gateway Pundit has exclusively collected the data & comments from Jake Lang and his attorney, Steven Metcalf, who had this survey conducted to support his latest Change of Venue court motion.

The numbers don’t lie: 86.4% of Washington DC residents who are eligible jurors believe that ‘It is important that those who participated in the events of January 6 are punished to the FULLEST extent of the law to prevent this from ever happening again’!! These results are absolutely staggering! Besides the fact, it’s virtually impossible to get nearly 90% of people to even agree with what color the sky is – the DC jurors have unanimously agreed that January 6ers are worthy of extreme punishment – before they even review the facts & circumstances of a criminal case.

The results are even worse than you could imagine. The brainwashing of DC residents by Mainstream Media is astounding!

85.8% of the DC jury pool believes January 6 was an ‘Insurrection’, and 80.0% agree that January 6 was an act of ‘Domestic Terrorism!!

How can a January 6 defendant expect a jury member to be impartial when these people have been duped into believing the BIG LIE that J6 was an insurrection?!

If you believed the polling data couldn’t get any more atrocious, then you haven’t heard some of the most unconscionable results: 48% of DC residents who are eligible jurors agree with the statement ” The penalty for insurrection, treason or committing an act of domestic terrorism is life imprisonment or the death penalty, which would be a fair punishment for anyone who participated in any events of January 6th”. Stop the presses. Nearly 50% of the jurors on J6 cases are walking into the federal courtroom with such a strong prejudice against January 6 protestors that they actually believe (regardless of what they did!) that these men & women are worthy of the death penalty or life in prison!! How outrageous!!

The full polling data is available on , warning the results may horrify you! Triton Polling & Research conducted this groundbreaking survey from January 4th to January 8th, 2024, and shows never before exposed inherent bias that DC Jurors are bringing with them into the courtroom. Over 420 DC Residents that eligible jurors were polled in a survey that meets the highest standards of ethics & methodology – designed to pass the heavy scrutiny of Federal Prosecutors & Judges who will be reviewing the data.

J6 Attorney Steven Metcalf who represents Lang had some strong words to the Government who has been subjecting J6 defendants to an unconstitutional bias jury.

“The outrageous jury bias that has been unearthed in this Triton polling proves without question the January 6 defendants have been withheld their Constitutionally protected right to an impartial jury. We now know without question – only way Jake Lang and the Jan 6ers van possibly receive a fair trial is outside Washington DC. We demand a Change of Venue”

Jake Lang, who has been incarcerated for over 3 years without a trial – followed up by saying, “For years I have watched dozens of my patriot brothers come back to the Gulag after long hard days of trial – completely drained and spiritually wartorn by the rigged court system. We have been utterly railroad, the deck is stacked against us, its David vs. Goalith. But now God has supplied us a sling – this data will be the stone that fells the giant corrupt DOJ persecution of Jan 6 patriots. We’re coming for every year you robbed of us!! See you in the appeals court!”

** Jake Lang and several J6ers will hold a Twitter Space tonight on X to discuss this injustice.

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