Seattle to Pay Black Lives Matter Rioters $10 Million in Lawsuit Related to George Floyd Riots

The city of Seattle will pay Black Lives Matter rioters $10 million in a settlement stemming from a lawsuit related to the George Floyd riots in 2020.

“This decision was the best financial decision for the City considering risk, cost, and insurance,” said City Attorney Davison, according to Fox News. “The case has been a significant drain on the time and resources of the City and would have continued to be so through an estimated three-month trial that was scheduled to begin in May.”

“This settlement resolves the majority of the remaining claims arising out of the 2020 demonstration period and is a big step toward allowing the City to focus on the important work of today, while moving forward from events four years ago,” Davison added.

Excerpt from Fox News:

The city of Seattle has agreed to pay $10 million to 50 Black Lives Matter protesters who sued the police department for claiming they used excessive force during the riots in 2020, in a settlement announced by attorneys from both sides on Wednesday.

According to the city, the complaint involved hundreds of interactions between the protesters and local law enforcement officials, over a million pages of records, over 10,000 videos, hundreds of witness interviews, and extensive court filings. However, the city admitted no wrongdoing in this case.

The Seattle Times reported that the plaintiffs’ attorney stated one of the protesters suffered a heart attack after she was hit by a blast ball fired by the Seattle Police Department, while another plaintiff, a veteran who uses a cane, was allegedly “gassed and tackled because he didn’t retreat fast enough.”

The lawyers also claimed that “dozens of others suffered permanent hearing loss, broken bones, concussion, wounds, bruising and emotional damage” as a result of the police department’s response.

Cities across the nation have paid violent and destructive BLM militants multimillion-dollar settlements.

In September the Denver City Council unanimously approved a $4.7 million settlement for over 300 Black Lives Matter protesters who were arrested by the Denver Police Department during the George Floyd protests in the summer of 2020.

Last July New York City officials agreed to pay $13 million to violent “2020 Summer of Love” protesters and rioters.

Over 1,300 protesters were eligible to be paid nearly $9,950 for police action during their violence, looting, arson, and property destruction at the riots following the death of George Floyd in Minnesota 2020.

Last March Philadelphia agreed to pay BLM rioters a total of $9.25 million to more than 200 people who participated in George Floyd riots.

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