French Constitutional Council Strikes Large Sections of Macron’s New, Tougher Immigration Bill

All over Europe, the Globalist-liberal governments are faring poorly in the polls, while the right wing parties are soaring.

France is no exception. In his move to the right, President Emmanuel Macron is trying to prevent a crushing defeat in this year’s European Parliament elections.

This lead to the formation of a new administration with a much more conservative profile, even if led by young, openly gay, former socialist Prime Minister Gabriel Atal.

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One of the vital issues Macron is trying to address is, of course, the scourge of unchecked mass migration.

To this effect, a new tough immigration bill was approved in the National Assembly, with the help and votes of the right.

However, now the French Constitutional Council, on Thursday, rejected several measures contained in the bill, in what appears to be a new blow to President Emmanuel Macron and his government. But is it, really?

The council blocked 32 of the law’s 86 articles. These were supposedly contrary to the French constitution.

Associated Press reported:

“Among measures rejected were those making it harder for immigrants to bring their families to France, and limiting their access to social welfare. The bill also strengthens France’s ability to deport foreigners considered undesirable.

Groups who see the law as contrary to French values — and as a gift to the increasingly influential far right — protested ahead of the ruling outside the Constitutional Council across from the Louvre Museum in central Paris. Other protests were also planned, and Paris police deployed special security measures for the day.”

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Leftwing protesters accused Macron of caving into pressure from Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally party.

“The dispute comes amid tensions across Europe around migration and as anti-immigration parties on the far right are rising in popularity ahead of European Parliament elections in June.”

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The government, rather than trying to get the stricken measures back, will push through the law ‘in the coming hours’.

Most of the 35 measures rejected were added to the bill to get right-wing votes for the bill.

But the government still insists that new law represents ‘a hardening of the immigration rules’.

BBC reported:

“Foreigners legally in France could now be deported with criminal convictions. Even those who came to France before they were 13 or those who have lived in France for more than 20 years could be expelled if they are given substantial jail terms and deemed to be a ‘grave threat to public order’.

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said the Constitutional Council had validated all the government’s measures and it was now time to put the law into practice. ‘The Republic will never have had a law as tough as this,” he told France’s TF1 TV channel on Thursday night’.”

New 2023 migration number from France’s interior ministry show that the number of foreign offenders expelled from France rose by 10.7% to more than 17,000.

The number pales compared to asylum applications, that  increased by 8.6% to almost 142,500.

“With European Parliament elections ahead in June, and without a majority in the National Assembly, President Emmanuel Macron is facing a strong challenge from the far right and he is reliant on parties outside the government to get legislation through.”

Five weeks ago the government the backing of right-wing Republicans and National Rally (RN) to push through its immigration law, but what about now?

“The French right is now pressing for a second immigration bill to be put forward, although the interior minister has made clear he has no intention of doing so.”

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