‘The Effort’ By Janaury 6 Political Hostage Ryan Samsel

GUEST AUTHOR: J6 political hostage Ryan Samsel 

My name is Ryan Samsel. I think I should inform the public with updates about my case and my health, as many of you have inquired. Let me give you a recap and some back story to remind some and inform others.

J6 hostage Ryan Samsel renders Joshua Black aid after police shot him in the face at the Capitol riot.

I was scheduled for surgery for a male breast double glansectomy on March 11, 2021.  Instead, I was arrested on January 30, 2021, for protesting on January 6, 2021.

I told medical staff when I arrived at the jail that I had this condition and that I needed to be placed back on blood thinners. I was denied this.

Not even a month into my incarceration, I was brutally attacked by government officials, after of course, being zip-tied —  just as cowards they are.

I was left unconscious in my cell only to wake up in the back of an ambulance a few days later.

I was rushed to the trauma unit and then treated in the intensive care unit. Doctors determined assaults left me with broken face bones, skull bones, a broken nose, a dislocated jaw, and traumatic brain injury. They found blood clots in my chest and arms and loss of vision in my eye. I was prescribed many follow-ups. To this day I’ve had none!

So-called lawyers promised to help and file lawsuits. The first anti-Trump attorney promised me the world and even gave interviews on my behalf. But when I did not have the money to pay for his services, he did not show up to my court dates.

I was alone in this struggle.

The next left-wing lawyer would bounce me back and forth on phone calls for months with nothing. In the meantime, I was transferred to a Virginia jail. The medics there wrote to the judge warning I required immediate extensive medical treatment that they could not provide at their facility and they asked for me to be moved to a medical jail.

So, I was transferred to Central Virginia Regional Jail in Orange, VA, and held in booking, in constant lockdown. They wanted to do this me to — they would black out my windows and put me in the back of booking until Virginia State Police received complaints from staff. The VA State Police reviewed the complaints, came to the jail, and said I was living in inhumane conditions and I was transferred.

I was transferred to Northern Neck Regional Jail, where I was tortured, held in a four-point restraint chair for 12 hours on the request of Assistant US Attorney Karen Rockland of Miami district, and then told I must be placed in solitary confinement.

In the restraint chair, they tie all your ‘points’ and lay you backwards. They have to massage you every hour not to prevent you from getting blood clots. But they didn’t do that for me in the chair. They did not cover my face at first, they spat on me.

During a legal visit, I explained to C.O Taylor and Captain English that I was cuffed to the front due to the blood clots in my arm. That is when they said they, ‘Don’t give a fuck’ and forced my arms behind me and beat me. Captain English called me ‘a terrorist piece of shit’ and told his staff to beat me.

I awoke an hour later to medical giving me CPR. I assume I stopped breathing and I was revived.

Then I was dragged into a hidden cell.

I would be transferred to the hospital only after cops were notified by a concerned staff member that EMTs were lied to and told I was ‘not there.’

At the hospital, the jail doctor showed up and treated me, which is odd — the x-ray would prove I have a broken skull and was stabbed by handcuff keys — once again, I received no actual treatment for these assaults.

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These hits are from no other than our ‘great government.’

Your Congress members don’t do anything. The lawyers are worthless and the ‘patriot’ organizations are racking in money for their personal interests. They help who they want and how much they want. The rest goes to God only knows and I’m sure He doesn’t like his name being exploited to raise money for personal gain.

I was offered assistance from a powerful, famous attorney’s team. Then this attorney went on top conservative news broadcast telling the world how I was not indicted for 11 months and raised money from the broadcast to retain a lawyer that would help me get medical treatment.

Well, they left the lawyer hanging — never fully paid the man who now represents me.

My current lawyer then reached out to an attorney who I will refer to as ‘BS,’ for assistance. BS would later mislead many defendants and the public and lie and misquote The Gateway Pundit’s reports about my case. He raised money using my suffering, never to do anything for me, not a thing! Just raise money and lie about me and rob the American people!

This is why over and over I say, ‘Donate directly to the Jan6er’ not some other organization.

BS told me he would and did file a writ of habeas corpus for my medical treatment. Nope.

He lied.

And so Judge Jia Cobb called me to her courtroom, and she is a no-nonsense person, you can see the coldness in her. She does not care about my medical situation whatsoever or justice or law for that matter. But she did tell me she does not like how the lawyers are lying to me and not helping me address this urgent medical issue.

It’s lawyers like BS who have been fired by almost every Jan6er because simply he wants people to plead guilty, and I did not, because anybody who does is helping our government and is a coward.

It is our duty to stand up — it’s not a right. It’s a duty. Anybody who pleads guilty in my opinion shall be tarred and feathered because they helped build cases against us, the few men who fought for you at home.

And the plea deals are helping convict our President. Yes, these plea dealers are signing a paper blaming President Donald Trump. Call to President Trump: Any man who pleads guilty shall not deserve a pardon as they are not willing to die for their beliefs and the Truth, so they are not fit to live. And I don’t call them ‘patriots,’ I call them ‘turncoats.’

And I yell to you sitting at home, I have been through hell and back and will go back and I’ll keep coming back! They can’t beat me. They won’t beat me. I will not bend these knees!

With legal counsel absent, the judge ordered my transfer to USP prison pre-trial in Lewisburg, a level 5 prison. The doctor from that prison wrote to the judge stating, Ryan Samsel needs surgery and a lot of medical and it would be best if he were permitted to return home for treatment in his condition.

Judge Cobb blew a gasket. She called the prison and told the doctor to change his order now. And he did. Then he sent me to Lehigh Valley Hospital, where they made appointments for cancer treatment, reconstructive plastic surgery, and vascular surgery. The doctors authorized me to take blood tests for cancer, again prescribed the double glansectomy surgery I was scheduled to undergo before Jan. 6, and physical rehabilitation. Judge Cobb was not happy with this so she sent me to be treated by the University of Jefferson in Philadelphia.

I sat in vain as the medical physician and breast cancer doctor both could not believe the judge was doing this. They both marked my case ‘urgent.’ I was given a mammogram again and the glands in my chest were now bleeding and had grown 10 centimeters. The doctors wanted surgery. Judge Jia Cobb said ‘No’ and while there in Philadelphia, I was abused again.

I was detained on 8th the floor. After weeks of starving, I would empty the toilet and yell down to the cell blocks.

When Zachary Rehl heard me yelling, I cut my bed sheets into a rope and he would ‘fish’ me food through the toilet and letters of hope.

I cried — out of anger and rage! Good men are being abused, tortured— lawyers don’t care. They’re so scared to fight! So, we must do that. We must take the fight in our own hands.

I was moved into a room called a “hard cell” when the COs realized I was fishing through toilets for food.

Lawyers exploited my suffering and used photographs exposing this illegal persecution to profit. Fake media published fake voice recordings claiming the hell I lived through was fake.

The truth was exposed as I said it would, as it always eventually is. This torture is real just as Zach Rehl explained and as others there have confirmed. This is happening every day as we speak.

I am steadfast in unwavering faith and I know, God, that justice will be served. I am reaching out to a new team of lawyers. I will not ask any organization for help.

I ask you, the American public, to join me. Please, help me raise the money so I can get lawyers to fight and get the life-saving medical.

I am laying here in bed, in lockdown in the basement of the Washington DC Correctional Treatment Facility still, with yet another blood in my leg. It was a battle months-long battle for the nurses here to finally give me blood thinners.

Please, no more. It’s been 3 hard, long years. After a habeas complaint is filed and the judge permits the treatment and surgery, it will set a precedent for others who are languishing in this evil system;  you will facilitate a change in the American prison system for all men and women.

I beg you, please help me expose this injustice. Share this story. Share the link to my GiveSendGo. Write Judge Jia Cobb. Let her know the world sees and history will show what she has done — and shame on her! And you are what matters at home, you. I am enduring torture for you so you never have to.

Please support me. Expose this, make a video report about it, and pass it around.  Anybody who knows who produces video content, ask for people to help us in this fight. We can make a difference but only if we are united. We have to donate even if it’s just 5 dollars, every little bit helps and it goes directly towards building a team of lawyers who will file a habeas lawsuit that will allow me to get the surgery that will save my life, not a 3rd party.

I can build a team of lawyers who will file a habeas corpus that will change how people are later treated here, even if it costs my life. Please do something. We are the hope for the hopeless. We have to keep the flame of freedom alive. You know the choice you have to make. get up and do something right now in this moment.

I have spilled my blood.

I have given my eye and arm. I have given my freedom. I was tortured for you and standing for what’s right and still am. Fight with me! Get up now do something! I beg of you please write the judge a letter and make 20 copies of it and flood her with letters and please pass this share this and tag Trump. I will be in the courtroom next to yours, sir and I fight for freedom. I do not plea nor beg for mercy from our enemy, sir. I choose death before dishonor.

Honor, respect integrity, life, light, freedom, strength, and my blood Ryan Samsel.

Join the effort join or die!

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