“A Judge Shouldn’t Take Over a Case and Frame Somebody” – Rudy Giuliani Explains How E. Jean Carroll’s Lawfare Case Should Have Been Tossed (VIDEO)

On Friday evening Rudy Giuliani joined Rob Schmitt to discuss the outrageous E. Jean Carroll case against President Trump in New York City.

Earlier in the day, a crooked New York City court slapped President Trump with an $83 million judgment for speaking out against the disgusting lies of a crazed woman who said he lured her into a Bergdorf Goodman store some 25 or maybe 30 years ago and raped her in a dressing room where they were trying on lingerie. The entire story lacks credulity and is like something from a Law and Order sketch.

on Friday the crooked court ordered President Trump to pay E. Jean Carroll $83 million for something he said about this crazy woman back when he was president in 2019. Free speech is no longer allowed in this country, especially for Republican lawmakers, Trump supporters, and conservative journalists.

This case also changes law in the US and puts any President in jeopardy of being sued by a US citizen for something they said during their time as president.

Trump Attorney Alina Habba described to reporters how villainous the court treated President Trump and his team during the show trial.

Attorney Alina Habba: Ladies and gentlemen, you are not allowed to be stripped of every defense that you have. You are not allowed to be told that you can’t bring it up. And imagine a point where a judge tells the lawyer before your client, the former President of the United States, the leading candidate and obvious nominee for the Republican Party, before he takes the stand to defend himself. Ms. Haba, tell me the questions you’re going to ask in open court and tell me exactly what he’s going to respond. And then edited my questions, edited the response he was allowed to give…

…We will immediately appeal. We will set aside that ridiculous jury. And I just want to remind you all of one thing. I will continue with President Trump to fight for everybody’s first Amendment right to speak.

On Friday Rudy explained to Rob Schmitt why this case should have been tossed from the courtroom before it ever started.

Rob Schmitt: Former New York mayor and U. S. Attorney Rudy Giuliani joins us tonight with his perspective on this. What has happened to our legal system, sir?

Rudy Giuliani: Yeah, it’s gone to hell. That’s what’s happened. I mean, we have an embarrassing situation in the United States in which we’re a country without laws. We don’t follow the laws that we have. First of all, it’s patently absurd that this even happened. I’ve been going to Bergdorf for 30 years, and when I was us attorney, I wasn’t all that well known. But the minute I walked into Bergdorf, about ten people had come around me to help me. This man was one of the most famous people in New York at the time this happened. This would be like doing this in the middle of Madison Square Garden. It’s totally ridiculous.

Second thing that’s ridiculous is I don’t know why this case isn’t thrown out. You’re supposed to plead a tort, which is what this is. Right, with specificity. Specificity means to give you enough information as a defendant so you can defend yourself. When you can’t give me a day and time, how the hell can I defend myself? Now, why doesn’t she do that? She doesn’t do it because trump travels a lot, and she just might pick a day because she’s lying her backside off. She might pick a day in which he was in Scotland or a day in which he was in Mar a Lago, or a day in which the way they did to Michael Cohen, when they said he was in poland meeting with the Russians and he was in California…

…This judge is a pure disgrace. He’s telling a lawyer what questions to ask. That’s totally ridiculous. He won’t let him defend himself. And how is it inconsistent? Let’s say, first of all, he was found not guilty or not liable for rape. It was sexual assault, not rape. And second, you can be guilty of rape, and still a person can be a whack up. That wasn’t defamation. You’re allowed to still defend yourself against defamation.

Democrats are destroying the legal system in America today. This will be the end of America as we know it if this is allowed to continue.

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