Mississippi Mom Arrested After Viral Video Shows Her Neglecting Freezing Two-Year-Old Son in Diaper During Grocery Shopping Spree (VIDEO)

Byram police arrested a woman after a disturbing video went viral, showing her bringing her two-year-old son into a local Walmart wearing only a diaper despite freezing weather conditions.

The incident occurred on January 17, 2024, at the Walmart in Buram, Mississippi. The outdoor temperature at the time was a frigid 20 degrees Fahrenheit, with even colder wind chills.

Eyewitnesses and shoppers were appalled to see the toddler, shivering and clad merely in a diaper, seated in a shopping trolley. Walmart employee Felicia Nicole and other customers confronted the mother, expressing their concerns for the child’s well-being.

Felicia recounted that the boy was without a shirt, socks, or shoes in the freezing weather. A fellow shopper reportedly covered the boy with a black jacket after his mother refused to clothe him. The child was visibly shivering, and his teeth chattered as concerned bystanders questioned the mother’s actions.

Screenshot: Fee Nicole

A viral video, captured and posted online by Felicia, shows the distressing scene where the boy is visibly shaking from the cold.

The mother began dancing provocatively when confronted by concerned shoppers.


The police responded by placing the shivering child in a warm car and summoning paramedics for a health assessment. Child Protective Services intervened, taking the boy and his two siblings into their care and releasing them to a relative.

The mother, later identified as Darby, was charged with contributing to the neglect or delinquency of a child and booked into Hinds County Detention Center. She faces up to six years in jail if convicted. She was then released on bail.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Darby compared her plight to that of Jesus, expressing heartache over what she perceives as a defamation of her character, the Daily Mail reported.

Along with 54 photos, Darby boasted about providing a luxurious life for her children, including vacations, designer clothes, and enrollment in competitive sports. She detailed trips to Disney World, meetings with characters like Mickey Mouse and Blippi, and plans for future holidays. Darby emphasized her children’s belief in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and Cupid, and their participation in traditional holiday activities like pumpkin carving.

Read her full statement on her public Facebook post (rewritten for easy reading):

“Where do I even start? I just want to say certain things I will and will not say because this is a legal matter. I haven’t seen my kids since they were taken away from me by CPS. Something that I did come on here to say is this deformation [sic] of character is hurting my heart. Last night was my first night eating a few crackers since my kids have been gone. I know this too shall pass.

They did Jesus the same way; he felt sick to his stomach as well. He didn’t want to go through it. I know one day my kids and I will be reunited, but something I did want to clear up was me being a ‘neglectful’ parent or ‘mentally ill’. My kids have been to Disney World, met Mickey in his office VIP style. They met Blippi in person VIP style. They’ve been on planes (was planning to go to the Dominican Republic this year, but it’s in God’s hands now). We go on vacations, to indoor water parks; my son takes swim lessons, soccer lessons, tumbling, basketball, etc. For holidays, I go all out; my kids believe in the Easter bunny, Cupid, and not just Santa! It’s because I go all out. Some of the pics you can see where I took time out and carved pumpkins with them for Halloween. My kids are clean, very clean. Each new pair of shoes that drops, they get them, designer clothes, etc.

My baby has never worn the same outfit twice! Me and his dad were just talking about that. ‘We’re going to have to give this stuff away, not sell it, but we’re giving it away. Someone’s going to be blessed.’ A woman dressing up as a cowgirl to match her children for Halloween does not scream neglect! (All pics are below to back up everything I’m saying.) In no way, shape, or form am I mentally ill nor a neglectful parent. We aren’t poor; I’m not a bum, neither are my children. Y’all don’t know because I don’t post my kids, and I don’t like that I have to do this! I do not like to post my children. I am very protective of my kids! This is why a lot of y’all don’t know. It’s because I leave your mind wondering. I don’t post my children, maybe 1-3 times a year.

I don’t play about my kids. I love my kids, and being away from them by force breaks my heart. If they were being neglected, my village would’ve said something! Their godparents don’t work any type of basic job at all. My oldest two are Singh’s (the corner store y’all love running into. A lot of y’all know my kids from being at the corner store with their dad). My baby boy’s son’s dad and granny are going to step behind him every time. I know we may have had our differences, but at the end of the day, no matter what, I thank them! My village isn’t going to play about my 3, and neither do I! Again, I can’t say everything; it’s a legal matter, but my kids are not a charity case, they are not neglected, and I am not mentally ill! Stop it with the defamation!”

Source: Kami Doll/Facebook
Source: Kami Doll/Facebook

Meanwhile, Felicia faced termination from her job for posting the videos, which is reportedly against Walmart policies. She was fired hours later.

“Yessss I got fired bc of this video.. No I wasn’t thinking about the consequences when I posted the video.. I was concerned about the baby thats all and I pray that child somewhere safe now!!!” Felicia wrote on her Facebook account.

In another post, Felicia wrote, “To the messy people at Walmart Supercenter, Byram – Handley Blvd!!!! Yes, I’m fired!!! I’m fired because of the video. You can say whatever you want about me. At that time, I was thinking about that poor baby!!!!! But you know what? Bills still got to get paid. I got a refrigerator full of food, and I’m not broke. So Fee’s doing good. I’m gonna sit back and enjoy these days at home until I decide to go back to work, bookie butts. So, when someone brings my name up, tell them I’m doing good. Y’all must have forgotten, I’m a go-getter. It’s only up from here. Now y’all take care.”

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