Supreme Court Gives Colorado’s Crazy Secretary of State Jenna Griswold 10 Minutes Next Week to Argue Her Case to Remove Trump from Colorado Ballot

Colorado Secretary of State Crazy Jenna Griswold

The Supreme Court on Friday announced they were giving crazy Jenna Griswold 10 minutes to argue her case that President Trump should not be on the ballot in Colorado for the primary or general election.

SCOTUS announced today that the court will allow for a divided argument in the Colorado Democrat’s case to remove Trump from the ballot in 2024 because he committed the famous insurrection on January 6. Trump has never been charged or found guilty of committing this crime. And he never will be charged with insurrection because the Deep State and Democrats do not want the American public to discover what really happened that day and the planning before the protests that day.

A divided argument will take place next week: A total of 80 minutes will be allotted.
** 40 minutes for the petitioner
** 30 minutes for the respondents, Anderson, etal.
** And 10 minutes for crazy Jenna Griswold.

Via Kyle Cheney.

The Supreme Court will give CO secretary of state Griswold 10 minutes of argument time next week:

— Kyle Cheney (@kyledcheney) February 2, 2024

In December, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled in a 4-3 decision by all Democrat justices to keep President Trump off the 2024 Primary ballot in the state.  The Colorado High Court has been the only court to rule this way out of several decided or dismissed cases in other states.

The case was initially dismissed in November by Colorado District Court Judge Sarah Wallace but was later appealed both by the plaintiffs and Donald Trump.

The Colorado Supreme Court decision left President Trump the opportunity to stay the decision if he chose to appeal to the US Supreme Court before January 4th, which his legal team did.  This would ensure that he was eligible to be on the ballot at the time Colorado requires ballots be printed for the primary races. The US Supreme Court announced they will hear the case back in January.

A week later, the Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows, a radical leftist, ruled unilaterally that President Trump was ineligible from her state’s ballot but conceded that the US Supreme Court will likely have to interpret the 14th Amendment and its application.

Jenna Griswold is a real peach. The radical Secretary of State sent out tens of thousands of voter registration notices to noncitizens before the 2022 election.

The elections are so secure in Colorado that voting machine passwords ended up on the internet.

Griswold also worked to eliminate voter signature verification to protect dead voters and to put a gag order on future election workers.

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