Family Court Judge Steps Down from Child Custody Case After She Was Accused of Hitting on the Mother on a Swingers App

Hon. Cynthia Lopez/Latino Judges Assoc.

As reported by The New York Post, a judge abruptly stepped down from a child custody case after the mom involved publicly accused her of coming on to her via an app used by swingers.

Judge Cynthia Lopez, 47, announced her recusal Monday during a brief virtual teleconference with parent Sidney Southerland’s attorney.

The shocking turn of events came last week, Southerland claims when a woman by the name of “Cynthia” reached out to her on 3Fun, “the leading app for sexually free singles.”

“GM,” the woman wrote in a message just before 8 a.m. on Jan. 24, using slang for good morning. “Am Cynthia. How are you?”

A screenshot of the alleged message from Southerland, whose real name is Chyna on the app, along with the sender’s purported profile, showing Lopez sitting cross-legged on a couch in black heels and a black negligee, was provided to The Post.

The alleged profile shows Judge Cynthia Lopez.

Her public profile clearly stated she was bisexual and what she was looking for, so the Judge wasn’t shy about it.

Alleged profile pic of Judge Lopez


“We are a full swap [couple] in an [ethical non-monogamy] dynamic looking to have some hot sexy fun with other full swap [couples] and single ladies,” she wrote. “We love thick girls just as much as we love petite girls! At the end of the day it’s all about personality. Guys at the most should be stocky and I the female, prefer males to be somewhat endowed.”

Southerland’s response was direct and blunt:

“Bitch, you know who the f–k I am,” Southerland recalled saying.

The sender promptly blocked her, but not before Southerland said she managed to snap images of the initial exchange and the profile.

“I plan to file a complaint,” Southerland added, and speculated that Judge Lopez was slow-walking her custody case because she was trying to bed her.

Two days after allegedly receiving the initial come-on, Southerland posted her gripe on TikTok and X.

Bronx family court Judge currently overseeing my case is inboxing me from a swingers app has a verified account Judge Cynthia Lopez, correct? @TheShadeRoom @cnnbrk @NYGovCuomo @DLCC @RepPressley @RepRashida @RepDonaldsPress @nytimes @FoxNews
#Scandal #tea #injustice #NewYork

— Sidney Southerland (@TheSidneyEffect) January 26, 2024

As a result of ACS’s removal of Southerland’s children, Saniya, now 9, and Saint, 4, in February 2022, Southerland found herself in front of Judge Lopez.

Sidney Southerland/Credit Helayne Seidman

The first legal troubles in Southerland’s life began when police “stormed” her mother’s Bronx apartment in July 2021 and arrested her, according to a lawsuit she filed in September 2022.

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