“I Think So. I Think I Will Do That” – President Trump Teases Campaign Rallies at Madison Square Garden and in the South Bronx (VIDEO)

President Trump held an interview with Maria Bartiromo that aired on Sunday Morning Futures earlier today.

During the interview President Trump suggested that all states are in play this year. He then suggested he may even hold future rallies in Bronx, New York and at Madison Square Garden.

President Trump: he Republican Party under Trump has become a tremendous success.

Maria Bartiromo: Are you going to be able to flip blue states like in New York and in New Jersey? There’s a rumor you’re going to do a rally in the South Bronx.

President Trump: I think so, yeah. I think I will do that. I think I’ll do one maybe at Madison Square Garden, too. I think we have a chance. New York has changed a lot in the last two years. We have migrants all over the street. They’re living on Madison Avenue. I mean, nobody can believe what’s happened to New York. The people of New York are angry people that would have never voted for me because I’m a Republican. I mean, they’re Democrats. Their parents would vote for Democrats. I think they’re going to vote for me. So I think we’re going to give New York a heavy shot. They’re very unhappy in New York what’s happening, and they’re unhappy with the crime. You take a look at the crime in New York, it’s at record levels. The other thing is, and very importantly, New Jersey, I think New Jersey can be flipped. I think that Virginia can be flipped. I think that New Mexico can be flipped and I think Minnesota can be flipped. And I’m not even sure that everything can’t be flipped.

Via Laura Loomer.

This talk of holding a rally in the South Bronx started with Cara Castronuova.

The Bronx is the bluest of New York City boroughs with a majority of Spanish voters. Biden “won” 83% of the Bronx vote in 2020.

In early December, Newsmax reporter Cara Castronuova went down to the Bronx to take their temperature on Joe Biden.

Cara, who also contributes at The Gateway Pundit, was shocked with what she heard. There is huge support for President Donald Trump in the Bronx!

EVERYONE knows things were better under Trump – no matter what the media is pushing. EVERYTHING is worse under Joe Biden and the Marxist left. And it’s not likely to get any better.

Cara’s report went viral and was re-truthed by President Trump!

Cara went back to the Bronx later that month to ask residents if they would like Trump to hold a rally there and if they would attend.  

Once again, the response was OVERWHELMING – The Bronx voters WANT TRUMP!

NEWSMAX correspondent Cara Castronuova takes to the streets of The Bronx to ask residents if they would attend a Donald Trump rally in the South Bronx.@CaraCastronuova pic.twitter.com/i3AAsZ0LQS

— NEWSMAX (@NEWSMAX) December 21, 2023

What a major development. This ought to absolutely terrify the Democrats and fake news media!

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