Brave Election Integrity Activist Who Stood Up To Radical Democrats and Paid Operatives Who Attacked Poll Challengers Is Vying For RNC Committee Member Spot…Here’s Why It Matters

The events inside the TCF Center in Detroit, MI, during the highly controversial 2020 election left GOP poll challengers feeling numb, as though they had just walked off a battlefield in a third-world country.

Image – Kimberly P. Mitchell Detroit Free Press

While shocking events unfolded inside the basement of the massive events center, The Gateway Pundit was at the forefront of delivering up-to-date news that would shock the world.  At lunchtime, the top election official in the counting room announced over the loudspeakers, suggesting poll challengers should take a break and go to lunch while they “prepared” the “military” ballots. Curiously, Democrat poll challengers and agitators working the room knew enough NOT to leave the room and had lunch delivered to the inside of the counting room. It’s almost like they knew Republicans would be locked out. Once outside the counting room, election workers began to lock the main doors to the counting room. They even violated the fire safety code by placing heavy-duty chains around the handles of the main entrance doors to ensure Republican poll challengers had no chance of getting back inside to watch the counting of the “military” ballots. Even the doors leading to the outside of the TCF Center were padlocked, preventing anyone from entering or leaving the main building from the public entrances.

Well, I am an election challenger, and I was not allowed in the building to work. At one point, they kicked everyone out of the room and put cardboard up so nobody could see inside. This is downtown Detroit at the TCF center, formerly Cobo Hall.

— EG Detroit (@EGDetroit) November 4, 2020

As soon as a large majority of GOP poll challengers left the counting room, supervisors began to lock the doors, citing “COVID” as a reason. Inside, Democrat poll challengers, workers, and leftist agitators laughed as GOP poll challengers demanded they be allowed back into the room to perform their constitutionally protected right to witness the counting of the ballots. The Detroit SWAT team was called in to keep the poll challengers away from the already covered windows, and police and election officials closely guarded all exits. I can attest to all of these things that happened because I was there; I was one of the GOP poll challengers who pushed their way through the doors as they were being closed.

They have kicked out poll watchers and blocked off windows at the TCF Center in Detroit, MI. #Election2020

— Parker Shonts (@parker_shonts) November 4, 2020

Inside the counting room, trained workers who were being paid handsomely for their efforts worked with Democrat poll challengers and agitators to cover the windows to the lobby with cardboard pizza boxes, removing any chance the GOP poll challengers could watch them from outside. Inside, with over 130 tables where tens of thousands of ballots were about to be processed, under 40 GOP poll challengers remained. Inside the counting room, the hostility between paid election workers who appeared to be working in partnership with Democrat agitators and poll challengers and Republican poll challengers reached a fever pitch.

Men and women dressed from head to toe in black, who were being paid to “supervise” the elections, shouted across the room as they summoned Detroit Police officers to a specific location and demanded they remove poll challengers. They didn’t need an excuse or explanation; if the election workers wanted them removed, the Detroit Police officers escorted them out of the room. If GOP poll challengers refused to accept the abusive behavior of poll workers or challenged poll workers denied their requests to record legitimate challenges to votes, a police officer was called to the table, and the challenger was removed. Every time another Republican poll challenger was removed, the crowd of election workers and Democrat poll challengers and agitators would jump to their feet and erupt in applause.


Throughout the day, paid poll workers, leftist agitators, and challengers repeatedly screamed, “Stand back!” and “You’re too close!” and “SIX FEET!” or “Pull up your mask!” at GOP poll challengers, hoping to wear them down as their numbers dwindled.

There were many heroes inside that room—none of them were Democrats —none of them were paid workers or management hired by the Wayne County Department of Elections. One of the unlikely heroes in that room was Hima Kolangireddy. Despite the almost impossible working conditions created by hostile election workers, outside agitators, and Democrat poll challengers, Hima quickly discovered the color of her skin would provide a huge advantage when it came to defending her fellow GOP poll workers.

Hima Kolanagireddy

The MI GOP, whose mismanagement and inability to protect the vote in 2020 from mass voter fraud, ultimately led to the nightmare at the TCF Center.

After reporting about the early morning dump of tens of thousands of absentee ballots on the day AFTER the election in the back hallway of the TCF Center, the Gateway Pundit feared the MIGOP and RNC would ignore the very people who risked everything to protect the vote, so they hired a private investigator to travel to Michigan, where he worked with an attorney and notary public to video record their stories. While many of the stories of people who had never met before were the same or very similar, one story in particular stood out: the story of Hima Kolanagireddy.


Hima Kolangireddy is the mother of three beautiful children. Her oldest son is a 23-year-old medical student and Second Lieutenant in the US Air Force. Her second son is 19 years old and is also a med school student. Her youngest daughter is 17 and was recently selected for the Air National Guard. Hima is the successful owner of an IT staffing company with over 700 employees. She became an American citizen when she was married in 1999.

Hima Kolanagireddy bravely sat in front of the MI House Oversight Committee with Rudy Giuliani seated beside her. She explained the horrors she witnessed while trying to protect the sanctity of the vote. The video of her testimony was so powerful that it went viral and was seen by millions.

Hima is the Chair of the 6th District Republican Party in Michigan. She is also running to become a committee member of the RNC, where, if elected by the MI delegates, she will focus on election integrity issues and bringing immigrants and minorities into the Republican Party. I spoke briefly with Hima, who is extremely smart and passionate about growing the party. She doesn’t understand why Republicans aren’t waiting outside of courthouses where immigrants are being sworn in as American citizens to register them to vote and explain how Republicans are the party that will fight to preserve and protect our freedoms and liberty. She recently hosted an event where she invited 130 Democrats. As they left her event, all but one said they would vote for Republicans in the future.

Hima explained how, as an inquisitive child, she began to question her Hindu faith when she was younger, and at the age of 16, she said she “had a visit from God,” and that is when she said she became a “born again Christian.” She is very pro-life and pro-2nd Amendment and isn’t afraid to defend her beliefs. She is a big believer in venturing into areas outside your party’s typical echo chambers. According to Hima, most Indians are Democrats, but once they listen to her message, they realize that they are more aligned with the Republican Party.

Hima also bravely testified in front of the Senate Oversight Committee, where she explained how, because of her skin color, everyone assumed she was a Democrat.

Hima will be running for one of the two spots as an RNC Committee member that will be up for grabs this year. A vote of MI State GOP delegates will elect one woman and one man. Current RNC Committee member Dr. Rob Steele, who has been loyal to RNC Chair Ronna Romney-McDaniel, is running for re-election. The other current RNC Committee member, Kathy Berden, no longer lives in Michigan. Bernadette Smith is a beautiful person and is passionate about her Christian faith. She is also running for the position but, unfortunately, has not proven she is not a fighter for election integrity. Pastor Ralph Rebrandt is also a very nice person and was a poll challenger at the TCF but did not testify in front of Congress.  Rebrandt unsuccessfully ran for governor of Michigan in the GOP primary election in 2022. Linda Lee Tarver, a longtime Republican, has been vocal about election fraud in Michigan and is passionate about the Republican Party. She will also be looking to secure a seat at the table with the RNC. So far, the only candidate who has a real plan to grow and expand the Republican Party by focusing on immigrants and minorities and also has a proven track record as a fighter for election integrity is Hima Kolanagireddy.

We hope Michigan delegates will elect an individual who not only talks about the importance of election integrity but who has a proven track record of fighting to expose our broken elections and will make fixing our broken elections a top priority if elected as the next RNC Committee member.

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