Joe Biden Tells Crowd He Recently Spoke to French Prime Minister Who’s Been Dead Since 1996 (VIDEO)

While speaking to a crowd in Las Vegas over the weekend, Joe Biden told a story about speaking with French Prime Minister Francois Mitterrand in 2021.

There’s just one small problem with that. Mitterrand has been dead since 1996.

A few people in media have suggested that Biden was just getting names mixed up. Do you believe that’s what’s going on here?

FOX News reports:

Biden tells crowd he recently met with Mitterrand, former French president who died in 1996

President Biden told a crowd in Las Vegas on Sunday that he recently met with Francois Mitterrand, the French president who has been dead for nearly 30 years.

The comments came while Biden was warning of the dangers of a potential second Trump presidency, as he aimed to shore up enthusiasm ahead of Tuesday’s Democratic primary in Nevada.

Biden recounted a story he has told many times during his presidency, about a meeting he had with French President Emmanuel Macron during a G7 meeting in England, some months after Biden had taken over the White House.

“I sat down and I said, ‘America’s back,’” Biden recalled. “And Mitterrand from Germany – I mean from France – looked at me and said…”

Biden appeared to trail off before collecting his thoughts to finish the sentence: “Well, how long are you back for?”

The president continued, saying the “Chancellor of Germany” asked him how he – and by extension, the U.S. – would respond if, hypothetically, thousands of people stormed Britain’s House of Commons and killed two “bobbies,” or British police officers, to stop the election of a Prime Minister.

François Mitterrand was France’s president between 1981 and 1995. He died in 1996.

Here’s the video:

JOE SPIRALS: “Right after I was elected… I went to a G7 meeting […] Mitterrand from Germany, I mean from France, looked at me, and said, uh… suh said… You know… What? Why? How long you back for?”

Francois Mitterrand died in

— The First (@TheFirstonTV) February 5, 2024

Biden is basically seeing dead people again. This is not OK.

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