EXCLUSIVE | J6 Hostage Isaac Thomas Will Be RELEASED From DC Gulag Monday Pretrial – Defense Attorney Steven Metcalf Explains How He Won Isaac Back His Freedom

Issaac Thomas, a 21-year-old January 6 political hostage will released from the Washington Correctional Treatment on Monday following a ruling issued Thursday by US District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly.

Thomas has been incarcerated for seven months after he was detained in pretrial custody during a hearing last August when Judge Kotelly sided with prosecutors to revoke his bond. As TGP has reported, he is also a victim of foster care child abuse.

After filing two motions, his new attorney Steven Metcalf was finally successful in restoring his freedom.

“Bail factors have not weighed in proportion to how they usually are. A guy with an assault on a police officer should not be in jail on pretrial detention,” Metcalf told The Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview immediately after the judge issued the order allowing Thomas to return home.

If a guy has 18 cases prior who is an international heavy drug dealer who was caught with 15 bricks. those are the guys are no bond.

“I was able to introduce new information on every single issue that got Isaac into jail — so Isaac will be allowed out.” 

“When he first got arrested the government kept accusing him of violating his conditions, then the judge basically said ‘Enough is enough, had a revocation hearing and threw him in jail. That’s when Isaac was represented by prior counsel. Then he hired me.

“I reviewed the decision and I thoroughly dissected that decision and addressed every single negative thing that she wrote in her ruling to incarcerate him before trial.”

Thomas is currently detained in the hole of the DC gulag, a windowless, vermin-infested cell in the basement of the correctional facility, with two other J6 hostages, Ryan Samsel and Zachary Alam. As TGP has reported, Metcalf’s other client, Jake Lang, was housed in the hole with Thomas, Samsel and Alam until he was moved around 3 am on Thursday.

Thomas called TGP shortly after Judge Kotelly’s ruling to share the good news he considers “a miracle.”

“God is good! The last 6 months have been a roller coaster of experiences that has humbled me in many ways but has also motivated me to speak out even more against the Biden regime’s weaponized justice system,” Thomas told TGP in an exclusive interview. “This communist system is targeting innocent American citizens and all of us need to speak up to stop it.”

After being terrorized by the federal government and incarcerated with rapists and murderers for non-violent crimes, Thomas is even more steadfast in his faith in God.

“These last few months have taught me to trust God and His promise to never leave us nor forsake us even in the darkest of times,” he said. “After spending my 21st birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years in the DC gulag, I can honestly say that I am stronger than I was before and excited to keep fighting the good fight.

“I met a lot God loving American patriots who love our country and have dedicated their lives to this movement. I look forward to keeping these connections for years to come and to continue the fight for justice for all of us. We have a long battle ahead but God is with us and will protect us in this war between good and evil. I give all of the credit to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Please continue to pray for me and my attorney as we prepare for my trial and expose the wicked schemes that the establishment orchestrated on January 6th.

“God bless all of you, it’s good to be back!”


Judge Kotelly cited the Bail Reform Act in addition to new information presented by the New York-based criminal defense attorney in her decision granting Thomas’ pre-trial release.

“Pursuant to the Bail Reform Act, a court may reconsider prior bond determinations based upon new information bearing on the pretrial release issue,” Kotelly wrote in a 7-page ruling. “Here, the Court is satisfied that Defendant Thomas presents new information that indicates appropriate conditions of release that assure his appearance, the safety of others and the community, and with which he will comply.
The judge continued, “The Court finds that under § 3148(b) and § 3142, considering the nature and circumstances of the offense charged, the weight of the evidence against Defendant, his history and characteristics, and the nature and seriousness of the danger to any person or the community, there are conditions of release that can reasonably assure his appearance and the safety of others.”
Thomas’ condition of release “includes a zero tolerance condition, such that if Defendant Thomas violates any condition of release, he will have to appear before this Court for a revocation hearing,” Kotelly concluded.

Order Releasing Thomas, 2.9.2024 by Alicia Powe on Scribd

J6 defendants have seldom if ever been granted pre-trial release following months of incarceration. Rather, the Americans who were entrapped with bogus felony charges for misdemeanor crimes while law enforcement officials illegally fired bullets, flash grenades, and CS gas at the crowd during the Stop the Steal rally on the Capitol grounds are getting sent to the dungeon left and right and there’s been no effective recourse.

Metcalf also represents J6 hostage Dominic Pezzola, the only Proud Boys charged with seditious conspiracy who beat the conspiracy charge. The crusading attorney has detailed how DC courts readjusted bail reform for J6ers.

“January 6 has taken a life of its own,” he told TGP last year following the 5-month long Proud Boys trial. “The Washington DC courts have added various different factors to the Bail Reform Act that have made it more difficult for certain defendants to get out. I’ll give you a prime example: It started off with the standard getting modified for certain defendants they did not want to release. The Bail Reform Act was readjusted. It changed to, ‘If you celebrated the actions that day, that factor would be used against you and whether you should be released or not.

“But what happened if you were somebody who did not celebrate and just remained silent? If you were somebody who did not say anything at all, then the standard became, ‘Well you did not say you were sorry or express sympathy or renounce whatever your beliefs were. They put the bar so high. Who goes to a demonstration and says the next day or two days later, ‘Oh my God, what I did was so wrong’? That’s essentially an admission.”

The standard applied to J6 defendants, unconstitutional pre-trial detention, had never been employed in thousands of other bail reform decisions, Metcalf continued.


“They actually set a standard that in order for you to receive bond, you literally have to make an admission that what you did was wrong or express remorse for your actions. When I say ‘They said,’ this is court decisions actually talking about this, actually discussing these factors that I’ve never seen in any bail reform analysis, ever, and I’ve reviewed thousands of bail reform decisions.

“That was just the starting point. It started off as crazy.”

Thomas will be released and allowed to return home on Monday, but he still has a long legal battle ahead.

As TGP has reported, Isaac was not gifted a level playing field from birth, like most of us. Born into a family with parental drug addiction and neglect, Isaac was thrust into the foster care system around the age of 6 years old.

Condemned USA, a legal advocacy organization that assisted Thomas with retaining Metcalf’s counsel, has provided the court with affidavits describing the various instances of physical, mental, and even sexual abuse suffered at the hands of bad actors hiding within a broken system.

“Mr. Thomas has also recently served as a witness in a child abuse case of which Mr. Thomas was a victim and a witness for other victims, spanning his time in foster care and only now being resolved. Parties in that case have been found guilty and are awaiting sentencing thanks to the bravery of Mr. Thomas to bring offenders to justice.  Additionally, he is scheduled to testify again and was working on that matter as well,” Trennis Evans, founder of Condemned USA noted in an affidavit.

Thomas is charged including “Entering or Remaining in a Restricted Building or Ground, Disorderly or disruptive conduct in, a restricted building or grounds, Engaging in physical violence in a restricted building or grounds, Entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds with a deadly or dangerous weapon, Disorderly conduct in a capitol building, Act of physical violence in the Capitol Grounds or Buildings, parade, demonstrate, or picket in any of the Capitol Buildings, Assaulting, Resisting, or Impeding Certain Officers Using a Dangerous Weapon, Obstruction of an official proceeding, Civil disorder, according to the Justice Department.



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