Watch: ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ Singer Oliver Anthony Entertained By Scottish Fans’ Anti-Biden Chant

From William Wallace to the 18th-century Jacobites, Scotland has a long tradition of rebellion against tyrants.

Small wonder, therefore, that some Scottish concertgoers should despise an establishment tool and wannabe dictator like President Joe Biden.

In a 40-second clip posted Thursday to the social media platform X, the audience at an Oliver Anthony concert in Glasgow, Scotland, broke into an anti-Biden chant that left the “Rich Men North of Richmond” singer laughing.

“I think y’all just wrote my next song,” Anthony said to raucous cheers.

The chant itself might leave some readers feeling mildly uncomfortable. But others will find it hilarious.

Timing each syllable to the bass rhythm of the popular stadium song “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes, Anthony’s audience chanted the following:

“Joooooe Bi-den’s a pae-do! Joooooe Bi-den’s a pae-do!”

Readers may view the clip below.

This crowd in Glasgow, Scotland, chant “Joe Biden’s a p*do” at an Oliver Anthony gig.

— Catch Up (@CatchUpFeed) February 8, 2024

A paedo — also spelled “pedo” — refers to a pedophile.

No one, of course, should accuse Biden of feeling sexual attraction toward minors — let alone acting on it — without evidence.

Nonetheless, even Scottish concertgoers must have seen in Biden certain qualities that might bring unease to parents of young children. And the concertgoers evidently found those qualities worthy of amplified mockery.

For instance, without making the darkest possible accusations, one can see how they got the idea. After all, Biden’s history of creepy behavior toward younger girls, including documented hair-sniffing incidents, might give rise to such chants.

Meanwhile, Anthony shook his fist in approval, as if urging the crowd to continue the chant.

Readers might recall Anthony — whose real name is Christopher Anthony Lunsford — as the former factory worker who, last August, rocketed to overnight superstardom with the viral, blue-collar anthem “Rich Men North of Richmond.” The song’s title referred to politicians in Washington, D.C.

With a formidable combination of desperate anguish and righteous anger that resonated with viewers and listeners across the world, Anthony charged U.S. political leaders with ignoring the plight of the nation’s working class.

As of Friday — nearly six months to the day since its debut — the YouTube video for “Rich Men North of Richmond had more than 117 million views.

WARNING: The following video contains language that some viewers may find offensive.

Since August, Anthony has endeared himself to Christians by opening his shows by reading passages from the Bible. His video for the follow-up song “I Want to Go Home” also concluded with a Bible verse. The overnight sensation even took his Christian message to Joe Rogan’s podcast.

On the political front, Anthony initially raised eyebrows by slamming Republicans for using his hit song at one of their presidential debates. Since then, however, he has made it clear that he has no use for any corporate-owned politicians, including Biden. His reaction to the Scottish fans’ chant certainly left no doubt about that.

Judging by his songs, in fact, Anthony despises anyone who amasses ill-gotten wealth and then abuses power.

Come to think of it, the singer looks and talks like the sort of man who, centuries ago, might have painted his face blue and white before charging the English army.

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