Fascism: Liberal Policies Transferring Taxpayer Money to Corporations

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Liberal policies meet the definition of Fascism: Money for migrants, vaccine requirements, and diversity, equity, and inclusion are government policies that enrich a small number of favored and obedient private companies at taxpayers’ expense.

Liberals call everyone they hate a fascist. However, fascism is a form of state capitalism and is much closer to liberal policies than conservative ones. Conservatives advocate for more individual choice and fewer government regulations in commerce and private life. On the other hand, liberals seek more government intervention, increased spending, free money, and greater compliance.

Conservatives effectively say, “Eat what you want, but you pay for it.” Liberals say, “The government will pay for it, but you have to eat what we tell you.” The government gets to pick which restaurants receive the tax dollars paying for the meal and who gets to eat the meal, but all working people have to pay for the meal through taxes, whether they eat or not.

Some states and municipalities are mandating that students have COVID shots as a requirement for attendance. The parents pay school taxes (property tax), but the children can be barred if they do not comply with COVID and vaccine requirements. The vaccines are distributed by for-profit, private companies selected by the government. And the program is ultimately paid for by taxpayers. Ironically, a parent can pay both the school tax and the income tax funding the vaccine requirements and still have their children excluded from school because they refused to comply.

New York City will be handing out prepaid debit cards to migrants. The government chooses who gets the cards. The government also selects which company provides the cards. Taxpayers foot the bill for the cards but do not receive them. Furthermore, the cards are being issued in a $53 million no-bid deal awarded to Mobility Capital Finance, which Mayor Adams said he chose because it was “minority-owned.” This raises another aspect of fascism: compliance with government edicts. Diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) is a rallying cry of liberals, and there has been a push to only award state and federal contracts to private companies that meet DEI standards. This is a textbook example of fascism.

Fascism is often referred to as corporatism or state capitalism. It is a political ideology characterized by centralized control with private ownership. At the extreme ends, socialism, communism, and fascism look very similar. Nazism is actually national socialism, another ironic point because liberals swear they are against Nazism but then advocate for national socialism. All four ideologies require authoritarianism to function. Socialism and communism distribute earnings from hardworking people to non-working people. Since wage-earners would not willingly give their money away, the state has to force them.

The difference between communism and fascism is that in communism, all companies are state-owned, and the state decides the quantity, price, and type of products produced, as well as who gets them. In fascism, the companies remain privately owned, but the state makes laws and edicts that effectively transfer taxpayer money to favored private companies. Publicly, these companies show their virtue by dutifully supporting government policies. However, their public service announcements fail to explain that the company profits from the policy.

Walmart and Amazon supporting a $15 minimum wage is a really good example. These large companies can afford to pay a higher wage than smaller competitors. So, Walmart instituted a $14-$19 minimum wage for its employees, while Amazon has a $15 minimum wage. The liberal media then provided Walmart and Amazon with priceless free advertising by reporting on their commitment to higher wages. Walmart and Amazon then gain political favor by coordinating with liberals in Congress pushing for a $15 federally enforced minimum wage. Ultimately, the $15 minimum wage will drive smaller competitors out of business. Furthermore, Walmart and Amazon supported politicians calling for a federal law requiring federal contracts to only be awarded to companies that pay a $15 minimum wage.

Liberals claim their policies are helping the poor, but in actuality, they are increasing the wealth gap. Increased wages for unskilled work are driving up the cost of goods, particularly food, which disproportionately hurts the poor, as they spend a larger percentage of their income on food and basic necessities. Small companies are driven out of business. People supplementing their income through gig work may be excluded from lucrative government contracts because they cannot meet minimum wage or DEI requirements. Furthermore, while woke companies virtue signal by raising their minimum wage and complying with DEI, they also engage in massive layoffs because they cannot pay higher wages and remain profitable. The laid-off workers will then rely on government transfers, unemployment and welfare paid for by those still working.

As more small companies are forced to close and more workers are driven out of the workforce, the tax burden on the remaining workers will increase. These workers can only keep their jobs if they comply with laws, edicts, and policies ranging from vaccines to DEI. Meanwhile, these laws and policies will continue to enrich a smaller number of favored private companies. And that is the definition of fascism.

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