Western Hypocrisy And The Rules Based International Order When It Comes To Political Prisoners

Vladimir Putin and Russia are facing withering Western criticism and threats following the death of a Russian political dissident, Alexey Nalvani, and the arrest of dual Russia/American citizen Ksenia Karelin, a ballerina. Silly Putin. He apparently has failed to grasp that all he has to do is declare these folks MAGA supporters and then he can do what he wants to them and the West will cheer him on.

Okay. Enough sarcasm. Let’s deal with the reality. In my opinion, Alexey Nalvani was considered the leading Russian political dissident by Western pundits and politicians, but at home he was a nobody. Hell, Marianne Williamson may have more support in the United States than Nalvani had in Russia. Nalvani’s only “political” message was to hurl accusations at Putin as a corrupt enabler of oligarchs. Nalvani offered no political vision. His social media accounts rarely delved into political philosophy nor did he offer a vision of something along the lines, Make Russia Great Again.

When Nalvani did take time to record his political views using a video platform, his message was shocking and disquieting. He described Muslims — all, not just some — as cockroaches that needed to be exterminated. Think about that for a moment and ask yourself, “What the hell are the Western politicians who are heaping praise on Nalvani thinking?” I thought all of these wokesters are supposed to be against racists. Yet, here they are mourning the death of an ultra-Russian nationalist who enthusiastically embraced the most vile racist beliefs. Not the first time that Joe Biden has lamented the passing of a racist — remember his remarks about the late Senator Robert Byrd, the former head of the Ku Klux Klan in West Virginia?

Take time to read Scott Ritter’s excellent piece describing the real Alexey Nalvani. You can find it here. Nalvani, in short, was a tool of Western intelligence. I do not know if he was witting or unwitting, but he served Western interests eager to see Russia dismantled and Putin destroyed.

As far as tiny dancer Ksenia Karelina is concerned, she is a law breaker. She donated $50 to the Ukrainian Army. So what? Why should that be a crime? So let’s explore that question from a Western perspective. Is it okay for Congresswoman Ilhan Omar to contribute money to ISIS? Would it be okay for a dual Israeli/Jordanian citizen to give dollars to Hamas? Of course not. Providing financial support to groups or persons who murder your own citizens is morally unjustified. But here is the big difference — Russia passed legislation and it was signed into law by Vladimir Putin prohibiting the provision of financial support to the Ukrainian military. Looks like the Russian judicial system actually believes in the principle of enforcing laws.

The United States no longer has any moral authority to lecture or hector foreign countries about persecuting political opponents. We now know that the CIA and the FBI, along with the Department of Justice, were weaponized to attack and try to destroy Donald Trump. He still faces the threat of being put in prison for challenging a fraudulent election. An election that was rife with outside interference. Only it was not the Russians nor the Chinese — it was the Deep State intelligence and law enforcement bureaucracy in the United States.

So far over 1,200 American citizens have been arrested and charged with crimes for the simple act of walking into the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. The Washington establishment continues to push the lie that these people attacked and bludgeoned Capitol Hill police. That is bullshit. The only ones who did any killing that day were the law enforcement personnel and none have been held to account.

Before the United States says one more word of condemnation about political oppression in Russia, it needs to get its own house in order and put an end to its relentless persecution of Donald Trump and his supporters. Otherwise, Uncle Sam should just shut up.

This is the foundation of what I presented in the following video.

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