Two Suspects Arrested Following Break-In of Secret Service Vehicle Parked Outside Naomi Biden’s Washington DC Home

Photo: 19-year-old Robert Kemp (Superior Court of the District of Columbia); Naomi Biden (Getty Images)

Two individuals, 19-year-old Robert Kemp, and an unnamed juvenile, have been arrested following the investigation into a November 2023 break-in of a Secret Service vehicle stationed outside the residence of Joe Biden’s granddaughter, Naomi Biden, in the affluent Georgetown neighborhood.

The arrests were confirmed through court documents and announcements from the federal law enforcement agency.

The incident, which was previously reported by The Gateway Pundit, involved Secret Service agents who were on duty protecting Naomi Biden. They reportedly opened fire when they witnessed three individuals attempting to break into an unmarked Secret Service SUV.

According to the criminal complaint filed against Kemp, one of the agents “observed a black male, legs hanging out of the broken driver side rear window” driver’s side of the Secret Service vehicle.

Upon the agent’s shout of “police,” the suspect initiated an escape in the sedan, narrowly avoiding collision with one of the agents in the process. This prompted the agent to discharge his firearm, as noted in the complaint.

The fleeing suspects were seen escaping the scene in a red vehicle. A regional alert was subsequently issued by the Secret Service to the Metropolitan Police Department, prompting a widespread search.

Source: Superior Court of the District of Columbia

The theft included a haul of over $1,000 worth of gear from a black Ford Expedition, described as being allocated for use by members of the first family. The stolen items included a police vest, night vision goggles, a portable router, and chemical sticks, detailed in an affidavit associated with the case.

Kemp has been indicted on charges including unauthorized use of a vehicle and theft from an auto. Despite this, current court documents from the Superior Court of the District of Columbia only present the charge of unauthorized use of a vehicle.

This particular charge pertains to the alleged theft of a Toyota Corolla, which served as the escape vehicle.

According to ABC News, Kemp was released the next day following his arrest on February 7.

The news outlet reported:

Kemp agreed to speak with investigators at his home in December, according to the complaint, and he allegedly said that he’d been driving the sedan at the time of the break-in, which he blamed on someone named “JR.”

He “denied knowing the whereabouts of the items stolen and wasn’t sure of what was taken from the ‘black truck,’” the complaint states.

Kemp is scheduled to appear in court for a preliminary hearing on Feb. 29.

His attorney did not return a call seeking comment on Wednesday.

The juvenile suspect, a 14-year-old male, was apprehended last Friday and faces charges related to three counts of armed carjacking, which are not directly connected to the Georgetown incident.

The Washington Post reported that the juvenile was found to have been in the Georgetown area at the time of the break-in, thanks to a court-ordered GPS tracking device he was wearing.

Fingerprints belonging to both the juvenile and Kemp were discovered on a McDonald’s receipt and bag located within the stolen Toyota Corolla, further linking them to the crime.

According to the Associated Press, there have been 750 carjackings last year and more than 6,000 reports of stolen vehicles in the district.

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