Climate Scientist Says Climate Change Alarmism is Rewarded by the Media and Higher Education (VIDEO)

Judith Curry is a climate scientist who used to be a darling of the media and academia because she was pushing a narrative that they like, suggesting that climate change is catastrophic.

Then she responded to critics by re-examining her work and admitting that her findings were flawed. Suddenly, no one wanted to talk to her anyomore.

In a recent interview with the Libertarian journalist John Stossel, she explained how the media and higher education reward climate alarmism, saying that they only want to hear one side of the story.

Transcript via Real Clear Politics:

JOHN STOSSEL: Climate change is a crisis we’re told. Anyone who’s skeptical or raises any questions about the alarm is dismissed.

The consensus is so strong, there shouldn’t even be a debate.

Climate alarmists claim there’s an overwhelming scientific consensus but researcher Judith Curry says climate scientists have an incentive to exaggerate risk.

JOHN STOSSEL: Why, what’s in it for them?

JUDITH CURRY: Fame and fortune.

She knows about that because she once spread alarm about climate change. The media loved her when she published this study saying there was an increase in hurricane intensity.

JUDITH CURRY: We found that the percent of category four and five hurricanes had doubled, so this was picked up by the media. Alarmists said, “Oh, here’s the way to do it.” Tie extreme weather events to global warming.

JOHN STOSSEL: So this hysteria is your fault?

JUDITH CURRY: Well, sort of, not really, they would have picked up on it anyway.

But Curry’s more intense hurricanes gave them fuel.

JUDITH CURRY: I was adopted by the environmental advocacy groups and the alarmists, and I was treated like a rock star.

JOHN STOSSEL: What does that mean, treated like a rock star?

JUDITH CURRY: Oh my God, I was flown all over the place to meet with politicians and to give these talks and lots of media attention…

JUDITH CURRY: About 10 years ago, the editor of the journal Science, she wrote this political rant about we need to stop emissions now, that was published in Science. So what kind of message does that give, promote the alarming papers and don’t even send the other ones out for review.

Watch the whole thing below:

Scientist @curryja published research that fueled climate change alarmism.

“I was…treated like a rock star.”

Then she realized some of her research was wrong.

When she admitted it, the corrupt climate change industry attacked her.

Here she exposes how alarmism is REWARDED:

— John Stossel (@JohnStossel) February 22, 2024

Climate change has become a billion dollar industry. Way too many people are now making big money writing about it and promoting it for anyone to challenge the narrative.

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