Jim Jordan at CPAC: “There’s a Whistleblower in Fani Willis’s Office Who We Have Talked to” (VIDEO)

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Jim Hoft reported earlier Friday that authorities geo-tracked Nathan Wade and found that Nathan Wade made at least 35 visits to corrupt Fulton County DA Fani Willis’s neighborhood before he was hired as the lead prosecutor in the lawfare RICO case against President Trump and 18 Trump associates. This puts both Willis and Wade in danger of disqualification.

Now, Fani Willis may be in more hot water after Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) revealed another bombshell at CPAC.

Jordan told CPAC host Matt Schlapp that Willis and Wade have not responded the Judiciary Committee’s subpoenas but they have interviewed a whistleblower from Willis’s office who may have some details to spill about the corrupt prosecutor.

Jordan: We haven’t heard back from her yet. We’ll see what we get from her. But there’s a whistleblower in her office who we have talked to, the committee staff.

The whistleblower, I think she’s 4’11, but Fani Willis had like seven police officers escort her out when she fired this lady. She raised the concern that Ms. Willis was not following the rules of grant dollars in an appropriate manner.

She’s now talking with our office, and we’ll see how that goes. But that’s why we have subpoenaed documents related to this.


Top GOP investigator Jim Jordan sends “Big Fani” Willis into a PANIC:

“There’s a whistleblower in her office who we have talked to.”


— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) February 24, 2024

Jordan did not reveal who the whistleblower was, but he is likely referring to Amanda Timpson, a former Fulton County DA employee. As TGP’s Cristina Laila previously revealed, Timpson had warned Fani Willis an aide in the office was going to use “$488,000 federal grant—earmarked for the creation of a Center of Youth Empowerment and Gang Prevention—to pay for “swag,” computers, and travel.”

Willis said she “respected” Timpson’s assessment of the situation. But 56 days later, Timpson was canned by Willis.

Willis’s office issued a statement describing Timpson as a “holdover from the prior administration” who was terminated because of her “failure to meet the standards of the new administration.”

The whistleblower said that this behavior by Willis was all part of a larger pattern of her abuse and corruption.

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