O’Keefe Media Group Confronts Dirty Judge Arthur Engoron Who Colluded With Letitia James to Take Trump Down – Footage to Drop at 4 PM ET!

One of James O’Keefe’s O’Keefe Media Group reporters confronted the crooked Judge Arthur Engoron in what appears to be a New York gym recently.

O’Keefe released the following teaser yesterday, urging followers to tune into his weekly Twitter space titled “On The Inside.”


— James O’Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) February 28, 2024

far left Judge Arthur Engoron fleeced $355 million from President Trump for taking out loans in New York State and paying them back on time and with interest. The charges were brought against Trump by crazed New York State Attorney General Letitia James. There were no victims in the so-called crime. The banks did their due diligence before they loaned Donald Trump the money and testified they would gladly do it again.

The non-jury Soviet-style show trial played out in court for eleven weeks. Judge Engoron delayed the verdict to mid-February after he demanded information about possible perjury by Trump Org. CFO Allen Weisselberg at the eleventh hour.

Judge Engoron called Trump’s loan agreements a crime and ruled that President Donald Trump owed the state $355 million.

But that’s not all. As Volokh Conspiracy reported Engoron also put a Clinton-appointed judge in control of Trump business empire in New York State:

Judge Engoron also appointed retired U.S. District Judge Barbara Jones to continue in her role as an “independent monitor” of the Trump business empire but expanded her authority to review financial disclosures before they are submitted to third parties. Judge Jones can hire an independent director of compliance, and she has the authority to compel Trump to sell some or even all of his businesses down the road. This is all punishment for Trump allegedly committing fraud by falsely in inflating and deflating the value of his real estate assets to pay lower state taxes and to receive more favorable loans from banks.

This is the definition of tyranny. New York state just stole President Trump’s company from him because they don’t like his politics.

Judge Arthur Engoron, a committed Democrat, has ruled repeatedly against Trump in the three years he’s been presiding over James’ lawsuit. According to the AP he’s forced Trump to sit for a deposition, held him in contempt and fined him $110,000.

According to reports, Judge Engoron has been married three times and has four children.

But Arthur Engoron is no boy scout. He’s just a weirdo and a seemingly sexually deviant old man.

Recently Engeron came under scrutiny for posting half-naked photos of himself on an alumni newsletter he oversees.

The peculiar “BonusTorsoPhoto” showcased a malnourished torso, presumed to be his own, and left many questioning the appropriateness of such content in a school alumni newsletter.

Source: Wheatley Alumni Association Newsletter

The newsletter presented a before-and-after pictorial of the same torso, ostensibly to display physical improvements over time. These images, intended to flaunt muscle gains, instead cast a shadow of doubt over the judge’s judgment.

Apparently, O’Keefe Media Group found the old gym rat in his natural habitat.

The Gateway Pundit also reported last week that the creepy pervert judge was caught by a defense attorney banging the secretary of opposing counsel during a previous case – a complete ethics violation.

Judge Engoron Accused of Banging Secretary of Opposing Counsel in Previous Case

This should be exciting.

Stay tuned…

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