Pope Francis Taken to Hospital Yet Again for Tests – Frail Pontiff Still Suffering From ‘Mild Flu’

Globalist Pope Francis is an 87-year old man with a very fragile health.

In the last years the health scares and illnesses have multiplied – and of course, once he decided to tell the world that he has chosen his place of burial, we can’t help but follow his every ailment closely.

As fo now, Francis has a ‘mild flue’ – but is that really it?

Today (28) the Pope visited yet again Rome’s Gemelli hospital for exams, following his general audience at the Vatican. It has been reported that among the procedures, he had a CT scan.

ABC News reported:

“‘After the general audience Pope Francis went to the Gemelli Isola Tiberina Hospital for some diagnostic tests’, a Vatican official said. ‘Afterwards, he returned to the Vatican’.

During his weekly appearance earlier in the day, Francis said he ‘still had a bit of a cold’. He asked one of his bishops to do a reading.”

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Francis had to be admitted to the hospital several times last year, from a bronchitis in March to an intestinal surgery in early June.

“Francis is scheduled on Saturday, March 2, to meet with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, followed on Sunday by an appearance at a noontime prayer, according to the Vatican.”

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Telling worshippers at his weekly audience that he had not yet recovered from the symptoms of flu, The Pope had someone else would read his catechesis on envy and vainglory, two of the seven deadly sins.

He spoke at the end of the audience to greet some of the faithful and issue calls for peace.

The Guardian reported:

“Monsignor Filippo Ciampanelli, one of his aides, read the catechesis during the audience as he had done on previous occasions when the pope was feeling unwell.

[…] He has often alluded to resigning if bad health prevents him from doing his job. In December he revealed that he had chosen his burial place – the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in the Esquilino neighbourhood of Rome – breaking with the longstanding tradition of popes being buried in the grottos beneath St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican.”

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