John Mills: Suddenly, a Notebook is Discussed that Connects Gina Haspel with the Coup Against Trump

By Retired Colonel John Mills on Substack

An October 6, 2016, Dinner, there was only one reason this retired, very senior FBI Official was in London: To coordinate the Russia Hoax with CIA Chief of Station at the request of James Comey

Excerpt from “The Nation Will Follow” Chapter 4 “A Dinner in London”:

“What I did know was that many of the faces I saw were Hillary supporters. I was one of a very small number of Trump supporters in the room. And I was okay with that. I am not above having dinner with the opposition, and I try not to judge people by their political affiliation. We all have reasons for supporting who we support, as long as they are the right reason: for the benefit of the nation.

So, we broke the ice and introduced ourselves. These were only meant to be quick introductions, there were over fifty people in the room, but it seemed my “friend,” the man I traveled with, did not get the memo.

He stood, introduced himself, and like a Hollywood characterization of what a senior law enforcement official should be like, he ranted to the room.

“Trump is a traitor! He is a Russian asset, is being groomed by Putin for a position at the top and represents the greatest threat to national security the United States has ever seen. And we’re going to prove it!” I stiffened in my chair, taken aback by this outburst. Never, at any stage in our journey, did he give any indication that this was his plan. But in that moment, it clicked in my mind as to why he never revealed to me his reason for traveling. I guess I had found it.

As he dove into his highly unusual tirade, I was shocked to see several people lean forward into their chairs, for the first time in the evening paying rapt attention to what was being said.

The thing about this guy is that he is engaging. He adopted a character that was over-the-top and completely unlike his usual face and used it. Maybe I was seeing him with the mask off, a mask that he had clearly worn for years as he hid his true allegiances. “

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