Sharika Soal: Joe Biden Acts Like He Doesn’t Know Where He Is And It’s An Embarassment To America


The Democrats in the White House are committing elder abuse right now, but it’s hard to feel bad for a guy who is creepy with children all across the land.

In this clip, former Vice President Biden uses a candid moment to fondle the chest area of a little girl — in front of her entire family. Her visible discomfort is extremely obvious.

— RAM (Richard Armande Mills) (@RAMRANTS) November 13, 2017

For some reason, someone in this administration thinks putting Biden on late-night talk shows while wearing sunglasses is a good idea for millions to see just how out of it he really is.

Despite Biden’s ice cream stunt and embarrassing sunglass gags, he flopped Seth Meyers’ softball interview. He lost his train of thought multiple times, plagiarized a Trump hoax, and couldn’t name his agenda. Now, even Obama world is saying no to Joe.

— Jesse Watters (@JesseBWatters) February 28, 2024

This man is literally falling down and forgetting what year it is everywhere he goes. No one on the left seems to think this is inappropriate when this man is in charge of handing billions of taxpayer money to other countries.

It’s actually embarrassing to watch Congress rant about mental health and what is right while they parade a hospice patient around the world who belongs in bed.

It’s time to let Joe Biden go, and I am sure preaching to the choir.

That man has been in Congress for almost 50 years.  He’s so out of it that if the version of Biden, who said he didn’t want his kids growing up in a “racial jungle,” could see himself now hosting LGBT parties at the white house, he would be appalled.

1977: Joe Biden Worried Busing Would Lead to a ‘Racial Jungle’

— SHO’NUFF (@IAMSHO_NUFF) February 25, 2024

Under Biden, everyone, regardless of race, is paying the highest food prices in the history of food prices in America.  There has also been an extreme surge in illegal immigrant violence since Biden took office.

I’m pretty sure inflation is why people are talking about inflation:

Food prices – up 20% under Biden.

Gas prices – up 36% under Biden.

Interest alone on a new mortgage consumes 40% of a median worker’s pay.

But don’t worry about that, you just enjoy your “it’s transitory”…

— Richard A. Stern (@RichAStern) February 23, 2024

Even the number of black people killed due to gun violence has gone up since the head creeper in charge took office… literally.

It’s wild, and I am ready for November 2024 to get here so we can finally retire Biden and get the country back on track.

Trump 2024.

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