Victor Reacts: Democrats Openly Advocate For “Speech Restrictions” (VIDEO)

There must be something in the water over at MSNBC. The other day a contributor advocated for the Supreme Court to be stripped of its power, and now they are making a case against the First Amendment.

As reported on the Gateway Pundit,

A legal analyst at MSNBC argued earlier this week that there is a need for “common sense” restrictions to the First Amendment to prevent “disinformation” online.

The comments from University of Michigan law professor Barbara McQuade underscore how many on the far left now view basic American Constitutional rights.

During an interview with network host Rachel Maddow that The New York Post flagged on Thursday, McQuade argued that current restrictions on free speech might not go far enough.

McQuade said previous arguments from the U.S. Supreme Court had set a precedent — that there are some limitations to what people can say if it is intended to create harm — but she added those might not be far-reaching enough.

“So, for example, our deep commitment to free speech in our First Amendment — it is a cherished right. It’s an important right in democracy, and nobody wants to get rid of it, but it makes us vulnerable to claims [that] anything we try to do to regulate speech is censorship.

There is a good reason that every time the government tries to regulate our speech we cry censorship, that’s because it is censorship. We either have free speech or we do not.

Flirting with the idea of allowing the government to step in and prohibit what it determines to be “wrong speak” is not “common sense” restriction, it is the complete erasure of our First Amendment.

Much of what the left-wing radicals have decried as misinformation was true, especially during Covid-19. We must have the right to say things that are unpopular or challenge the ruling narrative.

A marketplace of ideas is essential to a free society, but the left does not support that. They have made it clear that they know they will not prevail in the marketplace of ideas so they have resorted to openly advocating for censorship.

“When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.” ― George R.R. Martin.

Without a total monopoly on the exchange of information, they know they will lose. Maybe this is their way of admitting that.



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