BASED BUKELE: El Salvador Banishes ‘Every Last Trace’ of Gender Ideology From School Classrooms

Once the murder capital of the world, El Salvador is rapidly becoming a more desirable place to live than many blue cities America.

As well as seeing its crime levels plummets, the government of President Nayib Bukele has announced that it will ban “every last trace” of gender ideology from the country’s classrooms.

“Confirmed: We have removed every use or trace of gender ideology from public schools,” Education Minister José Mauricio Pineda wrote in a social media post this week.

CONFIRMADO: todo uso o todo rastro de la ideología de género lo hemos sacado de las escuelas públicas.

— José Mauricio Pineda (@JMauricioPineda) February 27, 2024

Pineda’s announcement came after photos circulated on social media about the teaching of said gender ideology, forcing the country’s Education Ministry into action.

“Given the misinformation that is circulating in the videos published by this account, we want clarify that all this content has been expelled from guides, books and other educational materials that were made and disseminated previously,” the Ministry wrote in response.

| Ante la desinformación que circula en los videos publicados por esta cuenta, aclaramos que todos estos contenidos han sido expulsados de guías, libros y demás materiales educativos que fueron hechos y difundidos por gestiones anteriores.

— Ministerio de Educación (@EducacionSV) February 26, 2024

The announcement comes after President Nayib Bukele was given a hero’s welcome at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland.

During his speech, he urged attendees “put up a fight” against wicked “global elites” as part of the fight against globalism and communism.

“If you want globalism to die here too, you must be willing to unapologetically fight against everything and everyone that stands for it,” he explained. “Fight for your freedoms, fight for your rights.”

In a Spanish language interview with Moms for Liberty, Bukele discussed the importance of prioritizing God and traditional values over “unnatural ideologies.”

“It is important that the curriculum does not carry gender ideology and all these things,” Bukele said, according to Breitbart. “Parents should be informed and have a say in what their children are going to learn.”

“I think it is important to bring back God in schools, to bring back morality, civics, to learn traditional things like mathematics and history,” he continued. “No one is against modernization; what we are against is the introduction of unnatural ideologies, anti-God, anti-family, that does not fit in our schools.”


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