Train Derails in Pennsylvania Sending Multiple Cars into River

A train derailed on Saturday morning in Lower Saucon Township, Pennsylvania resulting in numerous cars falling into the Lehigh River.

According to Northampton authorities, there are no injuries and no leaks from any containers. They also said that there are no evacuations at this time.

Authorities also asked the public to stay away from the site in the interest of safety and to allow first responders to focus on their task.

Fox News reported:

Crews are working to clean up a train derailment in Pennsylvania that led to several cars landing in the Lehigh River.

It happened on Saturday morning in Lower Saucon Township in Northampton County, fire and county officials announced on Facebook. Photographs show box and tanker cars off the tracks.

“There are currently no evacuations, no injuries, and no leaks from any containers,” the County of Northampton said while asking people to stay away from the site and allow first responders to do their jobs.

According to the County, the train is owned by Norfolk Southern. The company had a crew onsite assessing the situation.

“Norfolk Southern said in a statement to Fox News Digital they responded to the incident near Bethlehem and ‘appreciate the quick, professional response by local emergency agencies.’ Crews and contractors are developing a clean-up plan at the derailment site,” Fox News reported.

According to WFMZ local, there was a diesel spill into the Lehigh River but it was contained.

“Officials at an 11 a.m. news conference said there is a diesel fuel spill into the Lehigh river, but the spill has been contained. There was also polypropylene pellets leaking from one of the cars,” WFMZ reported.

Two of the engines landed in the water including numerous train cars that were derailed.

Norfolk Southern was also involved in the East Palestine, Ohio train derailment in 2023. The Biden regime took no action to help the people in the town which is mainly a Trump voting majority.

The Biden regime not only does not care about the horrific suffering of residents in East Palestine, Ohio they seem to revel in it.

Just remember, they refused outright assistance to the town for weeks following a massive train derailment and mushroom cloud toxic chemical explosion.

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