Former U.S. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz Reveals He Never Spoke With Biden or Harris During Tenure About Border Crisis (VIDEO)

Former U.S. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz (Screenshot: CBS News)

In an interview on “60 Minutes” with Cecilia Vega, former U.S. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz disclosed that throughout his tenure under the Biden regime, he never once spoke with either Joe Biden or Kamala Harris regarding the escalating border crisis.

Ortiz, who served as chief from August 2021 through May 2023 and was deputy chief under President Trump, recently retired after more than three decades with the agency.

During the interview, an evidently frustrated Ortiz shared his concerns about the operational challenges and political decisions affecting border security.

“When agencies are making a decision based upon politics or whether they’re gonna get media coverage, hey, we’re gonna put all our personnel in this two-mile stretch. What about the other 200 miles?” Ortiz said while attacking Abbott.

Ortiz expressed his frustration with the Biden regime’s handling of border security, highlighting the lack of direct communication with top White House officials.

“I’ve never had one conversation with the president. Or the vice president, for that matter. And so I was the chief of the border patrol. I commanded 21,000 people. That’s a problem,” Ortiz said.

In 2021, Biden appointed Kamala Harris as the border czar to lead efforts to stop illegal immigration across the U.S.-Mexico border.

In the short time since Kamala Harris has been supposedly in charge of the crisis at the border, half a million people have illegally crossed into America. That number is absolutely staggering, and it is growing every single day.

Ortiz also touched upon the challenges faced by the border patrol, including the need for better cooperation with countries in Central and South America and Mexico to manage the flow of migrants. He criticized the mixed messages sent by the White House to potential migrants, which he believes have contributed to the crisis.

The interview took place just four miles south of Shelby Park, an area marked by signs of recent migrant crossings, including wet clothes left behind by individuals who had crossed the river. Ortiz emphasized the calculated nature of these crossings, orchestrated by cartels controlling the Mexican side of the border.


“I’ve never had one conversation with the president or the vice president for that matter… That’s a problem,” says Raul Ortiz, the U.S. Border Patrol chief under President Biden until he retired last year.

— 60 Minutes (@60Minutes) March 4, 2024

Meanwhile, Joe Biden, when confronted recently by reporters about taking executive action to secure the border, claimed he lacked the authority to do so.

One reporter asked Joe Biden why he’s waiting to take executive action to secure the border after border funding bills have stalled in Congress.

Democrats refused to advance Speaker Mike Johnson’s border bill, and Mike Johnson killed the Senate’s foreign aid bill.

Biden facilitated the unprecedented border invasion. He took 94 executive actions in his first 100 days in office to weaken border security.

Since then, millions of military-age men from Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and China have invaded the US.

Now he’s lying about his executive powers.

“Why are you waiting to take executive action on the border?” a reporter asked Biden.

Biden absurdly claimed he had no authority to do anything to secure the border.

“We need more forces on the border! I don’t have the authority to do that!” Biden shouted.

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