Ukrainian Man Selling Poison for Suicide on Online Forums Busted by British Media – Chemical Is Deadly Even In Small Doses, Responsible for Hundreds of UK Deaths

The culture of death keeps spreading like wildfire in many Western societies, with state-sponsored assisted suicide, ‘death sarcophagus,’ for sale, and generally, an ongoing worldwide phenomenon in which people have help and incentives to take their own lives.

The latest trend in this horrendous reality is people buying poison chemicals online.

A Canadian chef, Kenneth Law, who was arrested in 2023 and is now facing 14 murder charges.

The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) has just busted an Ukrainian man selling the poison thought to be linked to at least 130 deaths in the United Kingdom.

The man, identified as Leonid Zakutenko, advertised his deadly services on a website promoting suicide. He reportedly told an undercover reporter he sent five parcels a week to the UK.

The chemical, fatal even in small doses, can legally be sold in the Kingdom, but ‘only to companies using it for a legitimate purpose’.

Zakutenko in BBC a video frame.

BBC reported:

“The chemical Zakutenko sells is openly discussed on the forum used by [victim] Linda, with members advising one another on how to buy and then use it. The chemical may be linked to more than 130 UK deaths since 2019, according to scientist Prof Amrita Ahluwalia, an expert in vascular pharmacology at Queen Mary University of London.”

Ahluwalia analyzed blood and other samples from people who had suspiciously died, sent to her from pathologists and police around the UK.

“Of 187 tests she found 71% showed high traces of the chemical, indicating that at least 133 people may have died as a result of ingesting it. ‘Something needs to be done’, Prof Ahluwalia said.

‘With what it’s being used for, there has to be a full investigation of the issues. It has to be regulated so that its use is for its intended purposes’.”

Kenneth Law.

After Chef Kenneth Law was arrested in Canada, greater awareness about this deadly commerce arose, and Law has been charged with 14 counts of murder and of aiding suicide.

“He is thought to have sold the chemical more than 1,200 times to buyers in 40 countries around the world and is linked to at least 93 deaths in the UK.”

The BBC investigation found that Zakutenko has been selling the same chemical since at least November 2020.

The report says that ‘users’ have passed on his contact details through direct messages. That’s, of course, impossible – it must mean ‘members of the Forum’, because no ‘users’ of deadly poison chemicals can come back to attest to the product’s quality and efficacy.

The BBC traced Zakutenko to a small flat in Kiev, and confronted him outside the post office where he had been posting more parcels.

At least one of the parcels he just posted contained the deadly chemical, because reporters placed an order that very day and received a tracking number shortly after Zakuetenko left the post office.

Asked why he was sending a poisonous chemical to people who wanted to end their lives, he denied.

“‘That is a lie’, he told us, before putting his hand over our camera and trying to walk away. […] When asked what he had to say to the families of the dead, he replied: ‘I don’t understand what you are talking about’.”

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