TUESDAY: Mike Lindell Joins Behind Enemy Lines In Chicago on March 5th – REGISTER FOR TICKETS HERE

Terry Newsom (left Mike Lindell (right)

Behind Enemy Lines, a podcast hosted by Terry Newsome and Paul Drabik out of the Chicagoland area is hosting Mike Lindell at 115 Bourbon Street on the Southwest side of Chicago on Tuesday, March 5. The two started as parental activists who were fighting the indoctrination of children in Illinois schools with pornographic books, CRT, and Marxism. 

Mike Lindell will join the show live at 8:00 pm. Register for in-person tickets HERE!

The duo branched out and began to engage in investigative journalism generating a story about Venezuelan gangs showing up in the suburbs of Chicago. The Gateway Pundit reported on their efforts in January as Venezuelan immigrants showed up at the train station in Downers Grove, Illinois, flashing gang signs suspected of representing the transnational gang Tren de Aragua. 

In a story that continues to gain traction, Newsome was involved in a petition as an objector to Joe Biden being on the Illinois ballot. The contention was that Biden has provided aid and comfort to our enemies in violation of the 14th Amendment section 3 of the Constitution.

The Gateway Pundit also reported on this effort in January. The petition references known terrorists and terrorist groups, who have crossed the border illegally due to Biden’s border policy. It further references the terrorists who had been caught and proven to have been allowed in by border processing facilities. Furthermore, the report highlights the evidence of financial payments funneled from the Biden administration to foreign terrorist organizations designated as such on the State Department website. 

Newsome, Drabik, and their podcast are part of a movement in Illinois that appears to be pushing back against the radical left. Their citizen journalism is a component of a larger political movement attempting to stem the tide of a clearly captured Marxist base of Democrats in Illinois. As of January 1, 35 pages of new laws went into effect in Illinois.

Many of these laws are unconstitutional on their face. The apparent strategy of blue state super majorities, such as Illinois and California, is to go full Communist all the way down to the level of the family. Laws are being passed attempting to separate children from their parents through gender ideology and control of the schools by teacher’s unions. Furthermore, the flood of illegals into the city of Chicago has enraged the African American voting population as their constituents are hung out to dry.

Meanwhile, illegals are housed in fancy hotels, provided Visa gift cards and phones, and they have even been found to be inhabiting schools. 

Newsome captured the growing frustration of Chicago in the following video: 

Pritzker and Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson are losing support by the day as Johnson’s administration has begun to remove press credentials from journalists who question his policies regarding immigration, among other things. With violence surging in the second city, Johnson has seemingly only done things to exacerbate the issues. Parting ways with a gunshot detection technology company known as ShotSpotter, low-income neighborhoods have only suffered more violence. With Illinois passing cashless bail into law in September of 2023, safety has become a distant memory in the Land of Lincoln.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, in January, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker was crying to Texas Governor Greg Abbott to stop sending illegals to Illinois. However, he wasn’t begging on behalf of his citizens. He was pleading on behalf of the illegal immigrants, who he feared would be too cold. This is a massive departure from what Border Patrol calls “deterrence by death,” a strategy used in the Sonoran desert to basically warn illegals that they will be taking the journey through extremely hot temperatures at their own peril.

“I Plead With You for Mercy” – Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker is The Latest Pro-Illegal Immigration Democrat to Beg Greg Abbott to stop Sending Illegals – Pritzker Previously Diverted Housing Dollars From Citizens to House Illegals

All is not lost, however.

Newsome and Drabik with Behind Enemy Lines will join an event on March 23 as the very first African American-led GOP office will open on the south side of Chicago.

Along with the Mike Lindell event on March 5, the opening of this office indicates a shift in priorities for the constituents that were once a powerful Democrat stronghold in Chicago. It will be an uphill battle in the corrupt Windy City of Chicago.

Still, the fight is on! Join us on March 5 at 115 Bourbon Street to see Mike Lindell and hear about the fight in Illinois. 

Doors to the event open at 6:30 pm ET.

Mike Lindell Live starts at 8:00 pm. Register for tickets HERE!

Via LindellTour.com:

Join us for an exclusive reception event featuring MyPillow CEO, prominent supporter and friend to President Donald J. Trump, Mike Lindell.

Doors open at 6:00 PM

Please arrive no later than 6:30 PM

Program Begins at 7:00 PM

Buffet Dinner Available for an additional $10 at the door.

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