“We the People Are the Solution” – Tim Cramer Announces Run for Boone County Council at Large

Political Candidate and Social Media Influencer Tim Cramer

Guest post by Tim Cramer


Anyone with half a brain can see our nation is in peril. From our two-tiered justice system, to the erosion of trust in the mainstream media, science, and governmental agencies like the DOJ, IRS, FBI and CIA, you’d have to be certifiably insane not to recognize something has to be done as soon as possible to remedy our demise.

How do we accomplish this lofty goal? Simple. We get involved.

After over fifteen years of working at the highest levels of political power in the state of Indiana and across the nation, I’ve come to realize one simple truth. Our systems, all of them, local, regional, and national are corrupt inside and out, top-to-bottom, and it’s going to take more than an election to rectify this situation if we don’t get control of it in 2024.

How did we arrive at this juncture? The answer is simple: complacency. We have entrusted elected officials and their bureaucratic apparatus to fulfill their duties on our behalf, but we have remained passive bystanders as our rights have been curtailed, and our freedoms threatened.

We’ve stayed far too silent as one right after another has been limited, constrained or completely abolished. When government overreach came to the doorsteps of our fellow citizens, we closed our blinds, shut our doors and remained silent so “they” wouldn’t come after us. As fellow employees were being terminated for refusing to inject an experimental drug into their body to keep their jobs, far too many Americans surrendered to the pressure and remained silent.

What’s the price we pay for this silence? Unhindered government overreach.

For the first time in our history, American citizens are being persecuted for exercising their constitutional rights. Those who dare to dissent against what they perceive as a rigged electoral process are vilified and marginalized. Yet, we must recognize the truth: speaking out against injustice is not treason; it is patriotism.

I, too, have faced repercussions for speaking truth to power.

In the lead-up to the 2020 election, my company, Mosaic, served as the messaging arm for the Republican Caucus of Indiana. However, when I dared to criticize the unconstitutional actions of Governor Holcomb and the lack of leadership from Speaker Todd Huston on a radio program, I was swiftly threatened with the termination of my lucrative relationship with the Republican Caucus.

Despite the consequences, I chose to stand firm in defense of our constitutional liberties. And, yes. I was terminated.

This isn’t a “woe is me” tale. It’s purpose is quite the opposite. My story is intended to be a rallying cry. It’s meant to light a fire in your soul. My message isn’t a story of how the system beat me down. I haven’t been beaten. I’ve been emboldened.

My reason for sharing this experience is meant to help you realize how corrupt and addicted our elected officials, from both sides of the aisle, are to the power and authority we’ve loaned them.

This authority isn’t theirs. It belongs to us. Our founding fathers knew all too well the perils of allowing just a few to rule the many. Our Constitution, the first document of its kind in human history, placed the entirety of this awesome power and authority in the only place it could remain safe – IN THE HANDS OF WE THE PEOPLE.

If we really want our country back, it’s going to take a lot more than posting snarky comments and memes on social media or writing tersely-worded letters to our representatives, it’s going to take the sacrifice of both our time and treasure – no different than the sacrifices made by our founding fathers.

Over the last few months I’ve been a volunteer for the Charles Bookwalter for Congress (IN-4) campaign. Charles is a former Green Beret and local business owner who also suffered serious financial hardships during the pandemic. Like me, Bookwalter reached out to his elected officials and was rebuffed.

It was during a conversation just a few weeks ago that Bookwalter made a statement that hit me at my core. He said, “We’re not ruled by the elites in Washington D.C. or the state capitol. We’re ruled by those in our own backyards. We’re ruled by those who follow, without question, the orders and dictates from D.C and our state capitols. If you really want to affect change Cramer, you should run for a local county office where you can make immediate impact”.

He was right.

With that said, It with great pride that I’m announcing my candidacy for the office of Boone County Council at Large.

As a Constitutional Conservative, I stand unequivocally for the sanctity of life, the preservation of our Second Amendment rights, fiscal responsibility, and unwavering opposition to government overreach. I pledge to uphold transparency in our governmental institutions and advocate tirelessly for the voices of the people.

If you share my conviction that our nation’s revival starts at home, if you are weary of being sidelined by the political elite, and if you seek leaders who lead by example, I humbly request your support and your vote on Tuesday. May 7th.

Tim Cramer
Candidate, Boone County Council at Large

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