Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs Vetoes Bill That Would Allow Police to Arrest Illegal Border Crossers

Arizona’s Democrat Governor Katie Hobbs has vetoed a Republican backed bill that would make it possible for police to arrest illegal border crossers.

Why do Democrats always seem to side with people who are entering the country illegally?

What message should the American people take from that?

FOX News reports:

Arizona governor vetoes ‘Alien Invasion Act’ that would allow police to arrest illegal border crossers

Democrat Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs has vetoed a Republican-sponsored bill that would have authorized police to arrest illegal immigrants, saying the legislation was anti-immigrant and likely unconstitutional.

The veto was criticized by Republicans who say the bill would have helped curb a plethora of crimes linked to illegal immigration in the Grand Canyon State.

The bill, called the Arizona Border Invasion Act, would have made it a misdemeanor crime for anyone to illegally cross the border at any location other than a lawful port of entry.

It would also have made it a felony for illegal migrants who cross the border after being deported, as well as those who have been ordered to leave the state but refused to comply. Local, county and state law enforcement officers would have been granted authority to arrest such individuals.

“Anti-immigrant legislation to score cheap political points has no place in our state,” Hobbs said in a video posted to X before she vetoed the bill.

Are the people of Arizona angry about this? Wouldn’t you be?

#Arizona Governor #KatieHobbs is a horrible individual.

How do you not care about the citizens of your state?

— (Jason) Stands For Truth (@TrueJMitchell) March 6, 2024

Happening Now: Arizona woke governor Katie Hobbs has vetoed a bill that would’ve given police the ability to arrest illegal immigrants. She called the measure “unconstitutional” and bad for local businesses.

Republicans most likely won’t be able to veto her because they…

— Travis (@Travis_in_Flint) March 5, 2024

The Border Patrol Union is calling out Katie Hobbs now!!

— Sequencer (@RealSeq16) March 6, 2024

Protecting Arizona is her primary job. What gives?

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