Minnesota Democrats Vote “Uncommitted” to Protest Joe Biden – ‘No One’ Wins 11 Delegates

A whopping 19 percent of Minnesota voters chose “uncommitted” in the Democrat primary on Tuesday as a way to protest Joe Biden.

More than 45,000 Minnesota Democrats cast ‘uncommitted’ votes on Super Tuesday which resulted in 11 delegates going to the Democrat National Committee.

The disgruntled Democrat voters protested Biden because of his stance on the Israel-Gaza conflict.

CBS Minnesota reported:

Approximately 45,000 Minnesota Democrats voted for “uncommitted” instead of incumbent President Joe Biden during the presidential primary, according to unofficial results of nearly all precincts Tuesday night — an effort to protest the Israel-Hamas war and put political pressure on the White House to call for a permanent cease-fire in Gaza.

That support amounted to approximately one in every five Democratic Party votes Tuesday night, and significantly surpassed the 7.8% of Democrats who cast ballots for Minnesota’s own U.S. Rep. Dean Phillips, who launched a longshot campaign against Biden.

On Wednesday morning, the Minnesota DFL affirmed that 64 of the 75 delegates will be assigned to Biden, but 11 of them will be going to “uncommitted.” Still, the party stressed unity.

Minnesota organizers pushing the “uncommitted” movement said turnout exceeded expectations and claimed victory in achieving their goal: to send the Biden administration a message that voters are unhappy with his position on the war.

Joe Biden, the most popular president in US history, was the first incumbent to lose a primary race in more than 4 decades – since Jimmy Carter in 1980.

Biden on Tuesday lost the American Samoa Democrat primary to unknown entrepreneur Jason Palmer.

But he totally got 81 million votes.

More on this story from Fox 9 Minneapolis:

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