Biden Supporters Freak Out Over Border Wall Construction Pictures

Border, photo by Jeff Rainforth

Guest post by Jeff Rainforth

I’ve been working on the border since 2019. I was the videographer for the organization We Build the Wall, founded by triple-amputee Air Force veteran Brian Kolfage who is currently serving time in prison over a leftwing lawfare attack.

I filmed the construction of the first-ever privately funded border wall that Kolfage’s organization had built. After that, they sent me around the world to film border walls in 7 countries for a documentary.

I’ve worked on border projects ever since and conducted my own missions, my most recent one being seven weeks camped in Lukeville, Arizona, filming the complete breakdown of order and about 50,000 illegal aliens from around the world crossover.

I posted pictures on Facebook of the first wall that Kolfage had built because a lot of the donors to the wall follow me on my page, and many of them even visited the wall for events after construction was finished.

I’ve been posting more of the photos recently because hundreds of millions of Americans don’t know that a privately funded border wall was built and that it’s possible to do so. Many of the photos have been going viral, which is good because more Americans are finding out what we can do if we work together.

Apparently, someone told liberals about the pictures, and they can’t stop complaining, though, which is all the more reason to keep posting them, which I do since I have about 100,000 (plus about 800 videos).

Here are a few of the Facebook posts that apparent Biden supporters are freaking out over.

This wall is one that WBTW donated about $2.5 million to help with construction. It’s the first wall directly on the banks of the Rio Grande River.

I captioned the photo: Hey, sir, what are you doing? “Just spraying oil on our wall to make it slippery.” Wow, good thinking! ‘Merica!

One liberal commented that the wall could be cut through.

This photo is from our first wall. A female employee of the construction company that built the wall, Fisher Industries, was on site one day, and I have a few pictures with her in them. I captioned the photo with the statement, Ma’am, what are you doing? “We’re building a wall so women can jog safely anytime they want.” Wow, thank you!

I wrote it that way because of Laken Riley, a 22-year-old nursing student, who was recently killed by an illegal alien while she was out jogging.

More liberal haters jumped in with comments. The first commenter didn’t know this wall was built 100% with private donations. It’s not a government-funded wall. The other commenter said I was dog-whistling. Yeah, OK.

Below is another photo I took during the construction of our first private wall. The worker in the photo is a cool guy, and he was in the right spot at the right time for a great photo.

I captioned the photo as if he were answering a question:

Sir, what are you doing? “Just building a wall for America.” Awesome, thank you!

Another liberal chimed in about the wall looking cheap (it’s actually made out of the best steel with an 80-year lifespan.) Another commented that walls don’t work.

Below is a photo that became a huge hit. I remember the moment I took it. The smiling guy was super funny. Made for a great post.

Of course, I’m having too much fun posting the photos. Libs can complain all they want. I’m just glad that Americans are learning about the historic, first-ever privately funded border wall that a war hero set out to have built, which patriotic donors made possible.

The We Build The Wall border wall, photo by Jeff Rainforth

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