MSNBC’s Joy Reid Claims Republicans are Voting to ‘Drive All the Blacks Out of the Colleges’ (Video)

MSNBC’s Joy Reid pulled the race card yet again during the network’s Super Tuesday coverage.

President Trump won 15 of the Super Tuesday states, leaving Nikki Haley with only a victory in Vermont, where they held an open primary in a far-left socialist state.

Grappling with the reality of yet another Trump winning streak, Reid claimed Republican voters only vote on race.

“They’re voting on race.  They’re voting on this idea of an ‘invasion’ of brown people over the border,” Reid asserted.

“The idea that they can’t get whatever job they want, a Black person got it, therefore drive all the Blacks out of the colleges, get rid of DEI.”

“That is what they’re voting on…they’re just voting specifically on racial animous…at this stage, it isn’t about economics.”

Jenn Psaki added, “No.  Which is why Trump killed the immigration bill.”

Reid, “Correct.”

Psaki, “That’s why…because otherwise, he can’t run against the other and brown people and people who don’t look him, like his supporters, his base of supporters, coming across the border and scaring people and killing people or whatever he’s threatening out there.”


Joy Reid goes an unhinged rant falsely claiming that Republicans are voting to “kick black people out of colleges.”


— Proud Elephant (@ProudElephantUS) March 6, 2024

The MSNBC gang must be apoplectic over polls showing Joe Biden is losing support among Black voters while President Trump is gaining support.

President Trump has also gained ground among Hispanics, young voters, and Independent voters.

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