Far-Left Activst Group Paying Public High Schoolers in California to Become Social Justice Warriors

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According to a report by The Free Press,  a far-left activist group, Californians for Justice (CSJ), has paid almost 100 public high schoolers $1,400 each since 2019 to become racial and social justice warriors.

According to their website, CFJ is “a statewide youth-powered organization fighting for racial justice” and runs after-school programming in four of California’s largest school districts.

The organization further states they provide “leadership development opportunities throughout the school year and summer to ensure our youth leaders gain the political education and valuable organizing skills they need to lead social justice movements.”

The Free Press reports:

Contracts between Long Beach Unified School District and Californians for Justice from 2019 to 2023, exclusively obtained by The Free Press, show the school district used taxpayer funds to pay the group nearly $2 million to facilitate equity and leadership development training for students and teachers. In addition to the student stipends, the contracts also allocated a total of $20,200 to 13 parents for participating in the group’s programs.

Starting from December 2019 until now, the Long Beach Unified School District south of Los Angeles has paid at least 78 students a total of nearly $100,000 for participating in a club run by the organization, also known as CFJ. The most recent contract runs until June 2024.


A spokesperson for Long Beach Unified School District said the district refers to these stipends as “internships,” which ensure “equitable participation in CFJ programs, embracing diverse perspectives in education.”

But four teachers interviewed by The Free Press see the payments to students and their families as a “horrible propaganda strategy.” One told me, “I am shocked and horrified at such a fact.”

In a recruiting video on Instagram, students bragged, “You get paid good!”


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The organization has received criticism for its comments following the October 7 Hamas terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians. The group shared on Instagram, “We are grieving with the world. We’ve all lost so much to colonization — our children, our traditions, our languages, our land.”

“We mourn but remain steadfast in breathing new life into the world.”

“From Abya Yala to Palestine & Sundan to Congo, we are not free until we are all free.”

Read the full report at The Free Press here.

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