Russia’s Top Spy Naryshkin Blasts Macron’s ‘Dangerous and Irresponsible’ Idea of Sending NATO Troops To Fight in Ukraine

Whether we welcome it or not, there is an ongoing trend by today’s Intelligence Chiefs from the world’s superpowers. They are increasingly stepping out of the shadows for public appearances and statements, engaging in diplomatic work or simply doing PR in the media with a renewed force.

The head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), Sergei Naryshkin, is no exception.

About a week ago, the ‘grand master of grandstanding‘, French President Emmanuel macron grabbed headline worldwide: DANGEROUS AND IRRESPONSIBLE: France’s Macron Floats the Idea of Sending Troops to Ukraine – European and NATO Leaders Shoot His Lunacy Down

Naryshkin, head of the successor to the KGB, was yet another Russian official to take to state television and rebuke him.

Reuters reported:

“Russian President Vladimir Putin’s foreign intelligence chief has said French President Emmanuel Macron’s refusal to rule out sending European troops to fight Russian soldiers in Ukraine was extremely dangerous and irresponsible.”

Macron said that there was no consensus over sending European troops to fight in Ukraine – which everyone knew already – but he stressed that nothing should be excluded.

Commentators have noted that Macron’s constant ‘info-bombs’ are mostly empty posturing, a ‘cheap’ way to sound engaged, but they do increase the geopolitical temperature in an already inflamed scenario.

The United States and other European allies have instantly said that there were no plans to do so.

Needless to say, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the Western nations that they risk provoking a nuclear war if they send troops to fight in Ukraine.

“‘This shows the high degree of political irresponsibility of Europe’s leaders today, in this case, the president of France’, Naryshkin told state television in remarks on Tuesday. ‘These statements are extremely dangerous’.

‘It is sad to see this, sad to observe and sad to understand that the ability of current elites in Europe and the North Atlantic to negotiate is at a very low level’, he said. ‘They more and more rarely demonstrate any common sense at all’.”

At this point, Moscow controls around 20% of what used to be Ukrainian territories. These areas have all voted to join the Russian Federation.

While the west is arming and bankrolling Kiev’s war effort, there is a constant danger that this proxy war may spill into all-out conflict between the two largest arsenals of nuclear weapons in the world.

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