Jury Convicts Portland Woman Of Bias Crime For Misgendering Individual In Woman’s Bathroom

Multnomah DA’s Charles Weiss and Mike Schmidt, Riis Larsen


It’s actually happening now. What was once dismissed as paranoia is now reality. Americans are now being found guilty of crimes for misgendering transgender individuals. Women now have to accept biological men in the women’s bathroom and locker rooms or else they will be convicted of crimes.

In Portland, Oregon (of course), a Multnomah County jury has convicted Cassandra McIntyre, a natural woman, of harassment and bias crimes for taking offense to Riia Larsen using the women’s bathroom at a Portland bar.

BREAKING Ngo report: A woman has been convicted by a Portland, Ore. jury of criminal harassment and a hate crime after she misgendered and confronted a trans person using the women’s bathroom.

Cassandra McIntyre told Riis Larsen (pictured below), a far-left trans activist… pic.twitter.com/CqA1nR1Hjf

— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) March 7, 2024

Official court documents spell out a bit of what transpired:

The Oregonian clarifies:

An off-duty bartender who ordered a patron not to use the women’s bathroom and shoved the woman when she tried to explain her gender identity was found guilty of second-degree bias crime and harassment charges Wednesday.

The confrontation, captured on surveillance camera footage, showed Cassie McIntyre pushing customer Riis Larsen, a transgender woman, outside the women’s restroom at Jake’s Place.

Testifying in court Tuesday, Larsen said she had just stepped out of the women’s bathroom, a single-user room with a locking door, when McIntyre cornered her and told her she “was a man” and should use the other toilet.

Larsen, 35, said she tried to explain her gender identity but McIntyre, 40, told her to “get out” using an expletive, then shoved her. The video showed the shove but didn’t record audio.

Surveillance footage showed both women approaching the on-duty bartender following the brief altercation. Another patron, R.J. Stangland, testified that he could hear McIntyre continuing to use the wrong pronouns for Larsen and saying Larsen should not be allowed to use the women’s bathroom.

In her own testimony, McIntyre claimed Larsen had cut in line for the women’s bathroom and pushed another regular, who complained. McIntyre said she then intercepted Larsen but didn’t understand she was misgendering her.

“I wasn’t trying to misgender her — I had to look up what transgender was in the dictionary,” McIntyre said. “We were just arguing over spilt milk.”

Deputy District Attorney Charlie Weiss prosecuted the case on behalf of elected DA Mike Schmidt, who continually makes national headlines for his embarrassing moves and crackpot “progressive” stances of just letting criminals off the hook by dropping charges on almost everyone. Had McIntyre instead dressed in black bloc, carried a “Black Lives Matter” sign, and smashed in a bunch of windows and assaulted random bystanders, there would have been no charges filed.

Instead, the jury found her guilty of both counts, and determined that a “reasonable” person would not have acted in the same way.

A grand jury indicted her on the charges last August after only hearing from two witnesses.

Multnomah county judge Christopher Marshall sentenced McIntyre to two years probation and 50 hours of community service.

This sends a clear message to all Americans: Honor the pronouns…. Or else.

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