Former Ukrainian Top General Zaluzhny Appointed as New UK Ambassador – Zelensky Tries To Neutralize His Primary Political Rival

As Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky heads to the end of his constitutional mandate, that ‘expires’ on May 21, he is moving rapidly to prevent oligarchs and rival political leaders to turn against him.

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One of the most urgent tasks in this sense is to neutralize the alternative power axis to solidified around ousted General Valery Zaluzhny, just as Kiev mayor Vitali Klitschko is portrayed in the press criticizing the President for the firing of the military leader.

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Klitschko calls Zaluzhny’s dismissal as head of the Ukrainian Armed Forces ‘a big mistake by Zelensky’, saying that the Ukrainian president ‘should have explained the reason for the decision, which shocked every Ukrainian’.

It bears mentioning that the ousted military leader is polling much higher than the president.

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But today, news arose that show that Zelensky may have voided the Zaluzhny danger to his ‘open-ended’ presidency.

Kyiv Independent reported:

“Valery Zaluzhny, the former commander-in-chief, has been approved by President Volodymyr Zelensky to be the next Ukrainian ambassador to the U.K., Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry announced on March 7.”

Oleksandr Syrsky is the new Ukrainian chief commander, appointed following months of gossip and speculation about a rift in Ukraine’s leadership.

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“Zaluzhny’s dismissal followed multiple reports by Ukrainian and foreign media outlets, citing anonymous sources in the government, that Zelensky was set to fire the chief commander.

The decision sparked an emotional public debate, as Zaluzhny is widely popular with both the military and the population due to his role in leading the resistance against Russia.”

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As he officially announced Zaluzhny’s dismissal, Zelensky thanked him for his service and said that he ‘would remain a part of the team’.

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The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has now sent a request to the U.K., in order to finalize Zaluzhny’s appointment.

Zelensky vowed that the General would further the ties, ‘Our alliance with Britain should only strengthen’, he said.

All this comes as the General had started appearing in Azov neo-Nazi channels, ‘leaning into his ties with far-right’.

Many were left wondering if he was cementing their support to take a run against Zelensky.

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