Germany’s BILD: Is Berlin’s Political Elite Controlled by ‘Kompromat’ Blackmail?

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In the aftermath of a damning conference call leak that showed four top German military officers discussing using dozens of Taurus missiles to target the Kerch bridge in Crimea, the awareness about infiltration and surveillance by Russian and other foreign intelligence services is running very high in Berlin.

So much so that the Vice President of Germany’s largest and most popular paper BILD, Paul Ronzheimer, has reportedly been discussing the possibility of Honeypots and kompromat being used to control the German political elite and top civil servants.

BILD reported:

“It is the question that worries political Berlin after the wiretapping scandal in the Bundeswehr, and that even makes some people downright FEAR: What does the Russian secret service know about German politicians and officials in the ministries?

Does Vladimir Putin (71) have us in his hands because his spies have collected so-called kompromat (blackmail, for example through pictures) against German civil servants in recent years?”

Political elite controlled by blackmail?

The BILD VP discussed these explosive questions with top military expert Carlo Masala.

Masala pointed out that there was an ‘intensive exchange’ between Germany and Russia before the onset of the war in Ukraine in February 2022.

“Masala: ‘And it is also known that Russia is trying to work with Kompromat. And for men, it’s all about sex. So women who have sex with them and who are then somehow filmed. And I assume that of course there are kompromat’.”

The question remains: Who could be affected by this? Politicians? Civil servants?

“The devil knows who.”

Intelligence has been doing this for over a century: creating psychological profiles of people to know where they are vulnerable – and acting on those pressure points.

Military expert Masala spoke of the recent scandal, where a recorded conversation between generals about Taurus missile attacks to Crimea was leaked, as ‘human misconduct’.

“Masala: ‘It seems to be the case that, in principle, the leak was in the cell phone that dialed into these weblogs from Singapore. And of course that’s a typical mistake that you shouldn’t make, for security reasons, because it’s always crackable. And you simply have to say that most of these leaks and most errors occur due to human error’.”

For decades Germany has been – and remains – the most important state in Europe for Russian intelligence.

Nowadays, not only when it comes to the question of military support for Ukraine, but also politically.

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