HAITI HELL: State of Emergency and Curfew Extended – Looted Port Is Shut, Prompting Fears of Famine – American Citizens in the Country Have No Way of Escaping

‘Barbecue’ and his rebels.

Haiti is adrift, with a missing-in-action Prime Minister and anarchy in the streets, where ‘the people with the guns’ rule.

The heavily armed gang-rebels have been staging attacks that paralyzed the capital of Port-au-Prince.

They have burned police stations, shot up the main international airport, and raided Haiti’s two biggest prisons, freeing almost 5,000 inmates.

So yesterday (7), whatever is left of Haiti’s government extended the state of emergency and nighttime curfew.

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Meanwhile, PM Henry has traveled to Kenya to push for the deployment of a U.N.-backed ‘police’ force from the East African country to fight gangs.

Henry is now in Puerto Rico, where he was forced to land on Tuesday after armed groups attacked the international airport, forcing it to shut and preventing him from returning.

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So far, dozens of people have died in Haiti’s recent armed attacks, including several police officers.

Associated Press reported:

“There were reports that gangs on Thursday looted shipping containers filled with food at the main port in Port-au-Prince, raising concerns that provisions in the capital and elsewhere would dwindle quickly.

‘If we cannot access those containers, Haiti will go hungry soon’, said Laurent Uwumuremyi, Haiti director for Mercy Corps.”

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Caribbean Port Services SA, said it was suspending all operations in the Port because of ‘malicious acts of sabotage and vandalism’.

“U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric said the insecurity has forced the World Food Program to suspend its maritime transport service, which is currently the only means of moving food and medical supplies for aid organizations from Port-au-Prince to other parts of the country. Two dozen trucks with equipment, medical supplies and food are stuck at the port in Port-au-Prince, he noted.

He also said the U.N. special envoy for Haiti, Maria Isabel Salvador, is calling for the immediate deployment of a U.N.-backed force ‘to prevent the country from plunging even further into chaos, as gang violence in Haiti has reached unprecedented levels’.”

Civilian population is on the brink.

Rumor has it, an American Marine Corps Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team (FAST) is to be deployed to Haiti to protect the U.S. Embassy.

Meanwhile, U.S. State Department is encouraging American citizens to leave Haiti following an ongoing spate of gang violence. Yes, but how?

ABC News reported:

“The U.S. Embassy in Haiti has a warning on its website advising citizens to ‘monitor local news and information on security conditions from commercial transportation providers and arrange to leave Haiti when security conditions and commercial transportation options permit doing so’.

[…] How U.S. citizens can make it out of the country, however, remains unclear. Haiti’s airport has been temporarily closed and is inoperable. Gangs attempted to seize control of it on Monday, ABC News previously reported.

A land crossing into the Dominican Republic, which Haiti borders, is also almost impossible to travel from Port-au-Prince as the route is dominated by gangs. There are no widely used ports for passenger travel by sea.”

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