‘Transsexualism’ is Rising Wildly in the Military, According to Seven Years of Public Health Data

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Based on ICD-10 diagnosis codes related to transgenderism, the number of occurrences in active-duty military is on the rise—and it’s an exponential rise.

The Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) is a depository of all diagnoses, which are recorded using International Classification of Diseases (ICD) codes. Earlier today, active-duty Navy Medical Service Corps officer Lt. Ted Macie shared the following DMED data on “transsexualism” in a series of posts on X:

ICD 10: TRANSEXUALISM increase in active duty.

Major spike in the @usairforce pic.twitter.com/A7xFaaeHRI

— Ted (@ted_macie) June 15, 2023

While all branches of service exhibit an increase in occurrences listed as “transsexualism,” the Army and Air Force have shown the most marked increases between 2016 and 2022. The number of occurrences increased exponentially in 2021 and continued to rise in the following year.

Image: Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED)

Lt. Gen. (ret.) Rod Bishop, chairman of the board at Stand Together Against Racism and Radicalism in the Services (STARRS), spoke to The Gateway Pundit about the rising number of occurrences in the military. STARRS is a national advocate for veterans against Critical Race Theory (CRT) and woke ideology in the military and service academies.

Bishop emphasized that, according to his Christian faith, he is “welcoming and loving to all.” Even apart from his personal belief, he said, the transgender issue is not something the American people can reduce to “live and let live” when it comes to the military.

“Things are being turned upside down, disrupting Western norms for a family,” he said. For him, “apart from religion, this shows a departure from traditional American norms.”

“[Transgenderism] is divisive to military readiness,” Bishop asserted. Sources inside the military have told STARRS that “the issue being taken far beyond simple acceptance; [transgenders] now expect affirmation.”

“This,” he said, “disrupts unity and cohesiveness, which are at the core of military readiness.” For example, those who might hold to a certain religious belief are being forced to room with a transgender—and this causes disruption.”

“Most service academy cadets don’t want to shower with someone who’s transitioning,” Bishop shared. “This is a particularly stronger position from female cadets who don’t want to shower with a male who’s transitioning,” he pointed out.

“The liberal cabal in Washington has bought into Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) ideology, having not done a modicum of research of what its roots,” Bishop said. “It’s Marxist,” he said. “It’s meant to disrupt, and disrupting is exactly what it’s doing—all to the detriment of military readiness.”

In a survey conducted by the author last fall, 59 percent of the survey’s 229 participants said they have served with someone who identifies themselves as transgender. Over 92 percent said they have a moral or religious objection to transgenderism.

Nearly 91 percent, 208 out of 229, admitted that DEI training has taken away from training for combat readiness. Over 93 percent said that, regarding transgenderism, they feel like they’re being forced to believe in something they don’t.

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